2020 Taoyuan Land Art Festival-creative cityscaping


The 2020 Taoyuan Land Art Festival takes place from 18 September to 4 October in Zhongli's Dalun and Pingzhen's Shuanglianpo. With "creative cityscaping" as the main theme, the 17-day festival starts from a city's future, natural landscape and circular economy to explore the relations among urban and rural areas, land and architecture based on the concept. From the highly urbanized core area, we cross over the line of demarcation between the urban and rural areas and discuss the development and changes of urban and rural landscapes, divided only by one road, in Taoyuan.


    1 The Corridor of Memories


    HSU Min-Sheng


    2 WA




    3 Water Connection Circle





    4 The Ripple Maze at Gaoshuang


    LEE Kuei-Chih


    5 Water/Source


    LAU Tiat-An


    6 Slow Mambo


    Kaling DIWAY



    7 Sedimentary Layer / Palm Avenue


    Xin Qi x Fake Fire


    8 Spring of Life


    WANG Fu-Sheng


    9 Our Time


    Handmaking Team | Jian-Xiang × Yukio × ILim × ILis × Caryong × Istands × Sann × Wei-Xiang × c.liu



    10 Shuanglian Community Hall


    11 Shuttle back and forth


    LIN Wei-Xiang x DISK x LIU Chin-An x TSAI Hsiu-Ling


    12 The Garuda Has Landed



    13Monologue of prime number changes


    CHANG Shou-Tuan




    LEE Bo-Chun


    15 Mobile Bamboo Exhibition Pavilion


    A.S studio Engineering Consultant | CHEN Kuan-Fan x WU Yu-Xian 



    16 Under the Wing


    HSU Yu-Chen


    17 Breeze of Tea House


    ZEIN Divooe


    18 TensFlow


    HSU Pei-Hsien x YEH Yen-Po x HSIEH Ming-Hao x LIN Yu-Ting x TSENG Ching-Yun x CHEN I-Wen



    19 Swing Under the Bamboo


    YU Wen-Fu


    20 House of Yuzhang


    WANG Wen-Chih


    21 Rainbow Rain





    22 Tiny Sound Greenhouse


    CHEN Hsuan-Cheng + CHEN Yi-Jyun x ArchiBlur Lab


    23 369


    WANG Fu-Sheng


    24 Soga Monster 2


    CHOU Hsueh-Han x Bridgehead Art Studio



    25 To Live with You


    WEI Lauwei


    26 Neverwhere


    LIANG Ting-Yu


    27 Dripping into the Invisible River





    28 Harbor


    CHOU Yu-Jui


  • "Building" Benches at Temple Court


    With going deep into local cultures as the key element, let's carry benches, swing fans and revisit the happy times of watching the open-air performances of Gezai Opera at the temple court. A touch of the temple court's bench culture is added into the exploration of Taiwanese traditional architecture. The bench represents human warmth and becomes an essential role in the temple court. 

    The event begins with exploring the façade of the terraced house, carpentry creation in block-building style and participation in the game of bench rearrangement, eventually aiming to construct the connection among cities, architecture and furniture. Let's roll up our sleeves and jointly "build" benches to construct a unique old-style street with creativity out of mass brainstorming.

     The final products created in the event will be showcased during the period of the festival. Afterwards, they will be left for the sustainable use by Chongde Temple in Dalun. The art installation jointly created by the general public will thus become an important part of the scenery in the temple court.


     Let's Dance, Floral Cloth Horse!


    The tradition of Raoping Cloth Horse Dance can be dated back to more than 700 years ago. It originated from an ancient ritual of dispelling plagues and praying for health and peace, and has gradually evolved with the infusion of energy and enthusiasm from local communities into a festivity for welcoming distinguished guests at Pingzhen's Gaolian Community in the modern time. 

    Guests are invited to put on costumes and experience the Cloth Horse Dance, where "speeches are replaced by songs, narratives by dance." By greeting guests with the Cloth Horse Dance, may happiness arrive at Pingzhen! In addition to the Floral Cloth Horse Dance, guests are also invited to join us in DIY of floral cloth horse key rings and tasting traditional Hakka snacks. "Let's Dance, Floral Cloth Horse!"


    Let's Challenge the Battle of Defending the Fortress!

    Let's turn the time back in Shuanglianpo! You will join the "Golden Eagle Troops" of the 21st Command in the Army's Artillery Troops, as if traveling back to the history via a time machine, to execute the "Battle of Defending the Fortress"! 

    Shuanglianpo used to a military zone in northern Taiwan and today it will be transformed into a ground for playing military games. You'll have to make meticulous plans and defensive props to defend enemies' surprise attacks. By using cartons, you and your companions are going to carry a battle of attacking and defending. The key to win rests not on forces, but on wits.  

    Watch out! Beware of the opponent's sneak attack! The battle that is going to be recorded in the history… is about to begin!


        One-day Tree Design Artist

     Let's challenge the profession of "tree design artist" for one day! Lead by professional instructors and starting with case sharing, children will elaborate on their unlimited creativity and be their own masters in the carpentry experience in which they are encouraged to think the best way for solving problems. Let children play with block-building and enjoy the moving process of building a city from scratch. The three-folded event incorporates design art, space architecture and carpentry to create unlimited possibility! Participants will build an exhibition cart for pickles to enhance the city's culture, which will be left for sustainable use in the Pingzhen Community after the festival is over. In addition, a "Birds House" for the residents in the park will also be exhibited in the Fortress Park and become one of the art installations in the Taoyuan Land Art Festival.

    Challenging Minnan and Hakka Riddles


    What is the story hidden behind a yellowing photo?

     Traveling back to an afternoon in the 1970s, when Minnan grandpa and Hakka grandma first met, you will revisit the days they spent together and the music they listened to. As things change with the passing of years, will you be able to put puzzles together and recount the memories?

     In this event, you are going to experience the time and space with grandparents at Dalun's Chongde Temple and to reconstruct the languages that lay the foundation for cultural building as well as the history where Minnan and Hakka ethnic groups were integrated. It may be a proverb or an old song. But can you figure out the riddle? 

     Five stages are there to challenge both your physical and intellectual capability. At the final goal, you'll have the chance to win a "limited gift" in addition to the glorious victory!


    Delicious Pickles and Sauces


    Our grandparents created with their own hands the "Pingzhen's pickle culture" and advanced it with the Hakka people's "stiff-necked" spirit!


    It's a feast of art and food. An aesthetic inspiration that combines the youth's vision and grandparents' experience is about to burst out on a dining table in Zhongli by mean of joint creation.


    The project of a dining table in rice paddies by love2fruit features both natural landscape and local ingredients in Taoyuan. The twilight of sunset shines on the grass where the dining table is placed and the smells of gourmet food, so familiar yet so strange, drift in the air, rich enough to entice your curious taste buds.

    It's really "ziin hò siid" [decilious]!


    One Pond, One Story


    Have you ever dug a pond by yourself? Have you ever experienced draining a pond? In Taoyuan, a town used to be called "the Land of a Thousand Ponds," these ponds play an important role in building the city's hydrology.


    In this event, participants will learn more about the ancestors' wisdom of digging ponds through such activities as ecology guided tour and DIY of ponds' models. Let's feel the red dirt with our own hands and experience the draining of ponds by ourselves. You shall know better about the ecology from guided tours and discover more stories from personal experiences. 


    The teaching materials and props used in the event will be left for sustainable use by the Society of Promoting Environmental and Resources Education in Taoyuan.

    Ponds are not just ponds, but the grandparents' memories in their childhood. Let's reconstruct the beauty of ponds!


  • Jazz Swing Party
    Vincent Hsu & Soy La Ley Afro-Cuban Jazz BandX Swing Taiwan 


    Vincent Hsu & Soy La Ley Afro-Cuban Jazz Band, which has been highly commended in the music circles both in Taiwan and abroad, collaborates with "Swing Taiwan," the No. 1 swing dance brand in Taiwan, to lead audiences to the Africa and Cuba, then back to the 1920s. 

    This jazz party will create multiple sensual enjoyment with music and dance.Having been dedicated to cultivating Latin music in Taiwan for a long time, Vincent Hsu & Soy La Ley Afro-Cuban Jazz Band combines two music vocabularies of Afro-Cuban music and Jazz to create Taiwan's Latin Jazz with their original works. 

    In addition to the retro-swing line dance in the 1920, the Swing Taiwan will introduce the swing experience that has been enthusiastically talked about recently. The friendly physical movements are easy to learn, and the highly interactive and social nature will make you open up your mind to enjoy it wholeheartedly!


    Out of Artistic Expectation

    Several local youth street artists established the Street Act Lab in 2017, where they can discuss their works, participate in workshops, rehearse with theater directors, and engage in trainings to improve their skills. The Lab has thus far held five sessions, focusing on three aspects: discussion, training and sharing. In this year's Land Art Festival, the street rising stars in the past session are invited to showcase and share the results of their creativity with audience in Taoyuan.

  • Creative Daily Life: Connecting People, Nature and the City

    Host CHEN WEN-YIH (Director, National Central University Art Center)

    Artist Kenshi MISHIRO (CHIKAKEN  )、Lua RIVERA、Tamás SZVET

    This is the opening session of the symposiums in the 2020 Taoyuan Land Art Festival. The symposium, aiming to connect the imagination with the Nature, is hosted by CHEN Wen-Yih, Director of National Central University Art Center, and also invites artist Kenshi MISHIRO of CHIKAKEN, who participates in this year's festival, as well as Mexican artist Lua RIVERA and Hungarian artist Tamás SZVET, both of whom are long-term residents in Taiwan, to talk about the relations between their creations and the cities they are living. They will share their experiences in changing human beings and environment with their works as well as the opportunities thus brought forth.

    Creative Material: Learning from Bamboo-Sustainable Building

    Host KAN, MING-YUAN (President,Taiwan Bamboo Society)


    Taoyuan City features the characteristics of the integration of both the old and new as well as the joint-prosperity of the urban and rural areas, where you can trace the changes from rural villages to urban communities. The second symposium, in line with the curatorial concept of "creative cities," is hosted by KAN MingYuan, Director-general of the Taiwan Bamboo Society, and invites Professor HSU Pei-Hsien of Graduate Institute of Architecture of National Chiao Tung University and Artist Nogdup (aka EUROBA) to explore, from the perspective of the urban future, natural landscapes and circular economy, the ways to build up the interactive relations of such natural materials as bamboo with urban-rural design, land, and architecture and to further demonstrate the heritage and innovation of bamboo art.

    Creative Culture: Public Art that Changes Our Landscape

    Host TSENG KUANG-TSUNG (Professor, Department of Architecture, CYCU )

    Artist CHANG Hwei-Lan 、Ray S. C. CHU 、YEN Ming-Hung

    Public art links up the art and the space, and then further connects people by using the space as a vehicle so that it becomes a part of people's life. Hosted by Professor TSENG Kuang Tsung of the Department of Architecture of Chung Yuan Christian University, this symposium invites experts and scholars, such as CHANG Hwei-Lan, Ray S. C. CHU and YEN Ming-hung to discuss the introduction of landscape public art in recent years in creating highlights by means of joint creation and creative forms as well as in creating atmosphere and talking subjects to attract people, who thus deem public art as the extension of creative culture.

    Creative Cycle: Better future of Taoyuan Land Art Festival

    Host SHIH JUI-JEN (Director, Chiayi Cultural and Creative Industries Park)

    Artist YU Wen-Fu、LEE Kuei-Chih、HSU Min-Sheng 、Kaling DIWAY、LAU Tiat-An

    Since its first launch in 2013, the Taoyuan Land Art Festival has been followed by high interest both in Taiwan and abroad. In comparison with ordinary outdoor installation art exhibitions, the Festival pays more attention to the inclusiveness between local cultural contexts and artistic creations, thus creating a series of contemporary land art works that integrate natural scenery and land. SHIH Jui-Jen, host of this symposium and a senior curator, will hold dialogues and discussions with artists participating in this year's festival, including YU Wen-Fu, LEE Kuei-Chih, HSU Min-Sheng, Kaling DIWAY and LAU Tiat-An, in which they will share different opinions and conduct in-depth exchanges in the hope to highlight the important value and function of the engagement of arts in the society as well as to leave important cultural memories and prospects for nurturing the land art cycle in the future.

  • 2020 Taoyuan Land Art Festival—CF

    2020 Taoyuan Land Art Festival—CF

    2020 Taoyuan Land Art Festival—CF

    2020 Taoyuan Land Art Festival—CF