2021+ Taoyuan Land Art Festival - Urban Oasis


This year's Landscape Art Festival was originally scheduled to be held in 2021. Due to the epidemic, it was postponed to 2022, and the name was added with "+", giving this event the courage to face unknown challenges in the face of the spread of the epidemic. The 2021+ Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival will run for 17 days from March 11 to March 27. This year's exhibition is held in the metropolitan area - Taoyuan - for the first time. With an attitude of reflection, the curatorial main axis of "urban oasis, close to mountains and waters" is proposed. Respecting the natural ecological balance and its appropriate beauty, and using art as the body and technology as the use, the works will lead us to experience the nature in the city. This year's exhibition area includes Hutoushan Innovation Park, Nankan Riverside, Taolin Railway and Hutoushan, which is the earliest development place in Taoyuan. The urban characteristics of Taoyuan include the fusion of old and new, multiculturalism, and ethnic mobility. At this moment, we are gathered in the newly built urban landscape, and we can see the texture and depth of the landscape from the axis of time, the technological city, the industrial and commercial society, the agricultural era, and the cultural layer of the archaeological site 4,000 years ago has been discovered in Hutou Mountain. Landscape is not only the appearance of the environment, but also the sum of people and the environment. Forests and rivers, insects, birds, fish and shells, and railway relics are the background and creative elements of this year's works; it is both history and the present. The multi-dimensional artistic creation, public participation and performance activities are integrated into the local ecology and humanistic aesthetics, and the essence of the oasis can be felt through the light and shadow of the city. The texture of the landscape aesthetics of the festival can ultimately improve the living environment of the waterfront and green space, and improve the livable and happy urban landscape.


    1 Guardian Eye

    YANG Hai-Qian


    2 Hearing the Sound from Nature

    HUANG Mei-Hui


    3 Visions of Taoyuan

    Iuan-Hau Chiang


    4 Bamboo Flow

    HSU Pei-Hsien & students from Graduate Institute of Architecture, NYCU


    5 River of Life

    SAPUD KACAW x HO Chia-Yu x CHIEN Yi-Yu x CHU Siao-Rou


    6 The Shimmering Way

    LIU Chih-Hung


    7 Flow of the Ecology

    CHOU Tsai-Wei

    8開箱桃園 時光足跡

    8 Unbox Taoyuan



    9 Tao Cube

    CHEN Taylor x CHANG Juin


    10 Life of Intimate Waterfront

    LO Yuan-Hung


    11 Nest

    LIN Chun-Yung


    12 Flowing Waters

    Lua RIVERA


    13 Being with you

    Jen Ta-Hsien 


    14 A Conversation between the Stag and the Deer

    Wang Wei-Chiuan


    15 A Family Supported Together with the Earth

    IYO KACAW x HSIEH Chiu-Yueh x LIAO Yun-Ching


    16 Taking Root



    17 Firefly Milky Way

    SU Kuan-Yin x CHEN Ming-Yu


    18 Intercommunication

    CHENG Yang-Cheng


    19 Overture

    CHIU Chieh-Sen x Margot GUILLEMOT


    20 My Secret Base

    HUANG Wen-Yuan x LIU Wei- Ying


    21 Contact

    CHEN Yen-Min


    22 Post Along the Railway Corridor


    23鐵龍長鳴 涓涓童年

    23 Rail Runs Through



    24 Happy City for Dogs

    LIN Wen-Hai


    25 Happy Mood

    YU Teng-Chuan


    26 Fishing Net. Land and Me

    Asing Sawake


    27 Song of the Earth

    HUANG Yu-Chin x HSU Ching-Wen


    28 Guard the Land



    29 Looking for Happiness

    CHIU Tai-Yang


    30 Flying Train

    LIAO Shu-Chien


    31 Waltz

    LIAO Shu-Chien


    32 Dazzling Images

    Hsu Tsung-Chieh


    33 Migrating Home

    LIN Chun-Yung


  • 274986047_2099076706921738_1767107781973903177_n

    The champion ingredients are named after TaoyuanTaoyuan is a large granary in northern Taiwan. The pure water from the Snow Mountains has been irrigating this land through the reticulated water conservancy system of Taoyuan Dazhen for hundreds of years. There are large and small ponds, like pearls. This is this fertile field. The Taoyuan No. 3 rice that grows here is a constant winner of the national rice quality competition, and has won championships year after year. fragrance.
    Everyone can eat pork, and the experts will also designate black pork. Taoyuan pig is an important black pig breed designated by the state for breeding and preservation. Many black pigs in Taiwan come from Taoyuan pigs and are generally raised for more than 350 days. The meat, juicy and marbling oil, is a precious pork with a certification mark. In addition, there are the Taoyuan Winery of the Public Market Bureau, which is the only one in the country with its fermentation technology, the champion Oriental Beauty Tea in the Guishan Linkou Terrace, the hand-caught fresh live fish from the Shimen Reservoir Natural Fish Farm, and the world's largest vertical 14-story technology farm lettuce... Taoyuan It is uniquely endowed with abundant landscape resources to nurture these championship-level ingredients.


    The staff insist on creating a Taoyuan feast together
    Because the professional people stand on various lands in Taoyuan, stick to their beliefs in farming, animal husbandry, breeding, and produce their confident work, this time they have the opportunity to combine Taoyuan No. 3 rice, Xinwu goose, Shimen Reservoir live fish with the local Blue Ribbon chef. , Taoyuan pig, Pingzhen honey, Guishan tea, Taoyuan winery sake, Luzhu wisdom lettuce, Daxi organic vegetables, Spice Queen vanilla pods, etc. These local ingredients are translated into dishes full of Taoyuan flavor through taste design, creating The "Taoyuan Banquet" banquet will only be launched during the Landscaping Art Festival.


    Little Hinoki Life Story X Hat Weaving Experience X Real Life Library

    Taoyuan's traditional craftsmanship and past farming memories gradually disappeared in the city after the buildings were erected. This activity is in the form of a real library. In the woods, while listening to grandma sharing the story of bamboo hats, experience weaving skills and take everyone on a ride. Go back to the past in a time machine and experience the touch of pure life.


    "Unlock! Daily life at the bottom of Hutou Mountain"
    A piece of pottery, a stone that looks different, is a gift from thousands of years ago, and it is also a major clue to unlock the daily life of the park. Become an archaeologist for a day, and unlock it in the way of "experience X puzzle solving". The distant past, slumbering underground.

    Through the experience of excavating the box, the secrets in the soil will be revealed with hand-held tools, and there will be a puzzle-solving journey in the exhibition hall, using the clues dug to gradually solve the underground puzzles. Travel through thousands of years and learn about the diverse and wonderful daily life of prehistoric people!



    Water Environment and Ecology Day Study X Ecological Learning and Cognition X Waste Oil Recycled Crayon Group X Life Sketching Activities

    This activity uses water environment study sheets and environmental day reading guides, and provides waste oil environmental protection crayons for participants to carry out life sketching activities, which are entertaining and parent-child learning. In the process, we can not only learn more about the ecology around Nankan Stream, but also experience the past and present life of Nankan Stream remediation through the environmental issues and small knowledge caused by edible waste oil, so that we can cherish Taoyuan’s water resources and water culture even more.


    On-site reading available X Moss Ball Experience X Potted Basket Weaving Experience

    Take you to become a small urban farmer for a day, visit the current situation of Chunri Community building edible landscape next to the Taolin Railway, the community will lead the public to implement it, and have a green finger potted experience. DIY, know friendly farming, and practice friendly environment.


    Craftsman's own creation: Dr. Lan's professional bionic bird + Dr. Lan's whirling breeding number
    Dr. Lan insists on children's dreams, provides good Maker education, and implements the belief of cultural inheritance~
    Through curriculum teaching, children are trained to plan, inductive ability and good logical thinking. The step-by-step systematic hand-making teaching enables children not only to become stronger in hand-made skills, but also to learn the ability to reflect in the process of hand-making, and finally to generate more interaction and common topics between parents and children in the process of activities . The historic Dahui Creek in Taoyuan is a good location for Dr. Lan's hand-made activities. The environment is very good, suitable for dynamic hand-made works, and it has become a new base for parent-child leisure in Taoyuan.


    Edible Waste Oil Ecological Course X Waste Oil Recycled Crayons Group

    Through the practical experience activity of "recycled crayons from edible waste oil", you can not only use waste cooking oil at home to make environmentally friendly crayons, but also learn the concept of caring for the environment. Nankan River is accompanied by the residents of Taoyuan. Many people still think that the pollution of the river is the problem of factory wastewater, large-scale industries, etc., but in fact, the waste oil and wastewater as small as households may cause pollution if they are not handled properly. Through this DIY experience, in addition to being fun, we want everyone to bring home the thinking mode of environmental conservation.

  • 1

    Perak Golden Melody Concert
    PILI Puppetry

    The puppet show, also known as the palm-in-the-hand show, was originally used to reward the gods. Perak Puppet Opera adheres to the concept of "One Hundred Years of One Heart" to pass on culture. With the change of time, Pili used the elements and forms of puppet opera, re-deconstructed the interpretation, to break the frame of the square-inch stage, and used original music of its own style, from classic to the latest popular songs, these puppet opera theme songs And the soundtrack is widely loved by the public. The theme song of each story is matched with the professional puppet show cosplay played by real people and the powerful singing of the singer, plus the wonderful pictures and animation special effects of the thunderbolt hero played on the live projection screen, so that all the performances can be combined and brought to the audience. The double enjoyment of the audience's vision and hearing extends to the traditional culture of music and craftsmanship, showing the ups and downs of the puppet show, creating a fantastic world of thunderbolts.


    Jingtang Siege
    Shanghe Gezi Drama Troupe

    The Shanghe Gezai Theatre Troupe cooperated with Taoyuan City Government Cultural Bureau 2021 + Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival - Urban Oasis to present the epic drama "Jingtang Besieged City". , extending from folk opera stories, adding historical conjectures on the subject of the later Jin Dynasty, combining the characters of historical dynasties, developing a new chapter of ancient literature, and taking the mayfly as the main axis of the story, expounding the change of dynasties in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, as well as power, desire, love, It's like the change of life and death of a mayfly, and it also expresses the ups and downs of the characters in the play.


    light of life
    Dancing Bell Theatre

    In the chaotic and nothingness century, little lights and shadows converge to reverse the yin and yang of the universe. Amoeba was born under the bath of moonlight, smiling in the embrace of love. When everyone danced to celebrate the arrival of Amoeba, unexpected guests suddenly appeared. , causing the roar of Vulcan to erupt red lava and torrential rain and wind, and launch a dangerous trial of Amoeba in the water, fire, and wind. Even in the face of different challenges, he went through darkness, but these never made him give up. In the end, under the gentle and loving guidance of the Mother Earth, Amoeba took the prayer of all things and bloomed the light of life of love and hope.


    Long Jiucha's Secret 13 "Famous Detective Ah Huang: The Fire of Silver"
    Open the theatre

    Storyteller Aggie is back! This time he will be transformed into the head of the thief group~

    "It is said that those who possess silver fire can gain infinite power"
    Young detective Ah Huang, who just graduated from the Royal Academy of Magic, is investigating the [Ghost Ship Mysterious Fire Case] and accidentally discovers that this case may be related to [The Thief of the Century - The Thief Black Cherry]. And also learned that the next target of the thief Black Cherry is the legendary Silver Fire? What kind of big conspiracy is going on behind the seemingly unrelated ghost ship and silver fire? Let's take a look at the crime-solving skills of young Ah Huang!


    Ya-Zhi Dance Company

    In the busy life of modern people, in order to live and support their families, they are chased by time every day, and the accumulated exhaustion has become unable to breathe after the outbreak of the epidemic.

    This performance integrates the venue, Hutoushan Innovation Park, showing different scenery in spring, summer, autumn and winter, such as the thriving scene of flowers, plants and trees in spring, the cicadas chirping at night in summer, the comfortable breeze blowing in autumn, and winter. of cold beauty. In these 30 minutes, I hope that the audience can calm down, slow down, enjoy the beauty of Hutou Mountain together, feel the change of seasons, and continue to welcome every day in the future after a short rest!


    Ten Drum Art Percussion Group

    The Ten Drum Percussion Band will mysteriously present the sound from Formosa in "Drumming of Heaven and Earth", and create original drumming visual techniques and auditory rhythm music of aboriginal and ordinary people's culture to share the vitality from Taiwan! The work shows the scenery of Taiwan's ordinary people and aboriginal people's rural and humanistic mountains and rivers. This time, dance is specially added to the repertoire. From the beginning, the drum music combined with dance "Nifnu" and "Nianhua" kicked off the prelude, and then entered The aboriginal-style chasing deer dances in the bright pool, and integrates the unique music created by the traditional Korean musical instrument "Siwu", and finally adds the thunderous drum momentum, and then feels the unpredictable and surreal shocking experience of the art of drum music. We pray together for the world through drum music, and welcome the new dawn!


    Very beautiful
    Bulareyaung Dance Company

    Sway your own color, be your own master, the most comfortable, happiest and most comfortable performance.

    The dancer's body is full of the wind of the Pacific Ocean, and the frequency is like a turbulent heartbeat, just like driving a car on the 11th line in the wind.

    A bend, will blurt out marvel at the bright colors of every blast that catches your eye.


    Taoyuan. Oasis Dream
    Dinlas Digital Company Limited

    The idea is to create unlimited possibilities developed in a limited environment with the main axis of curation, and guide the audience to enter the exhibition area together to make an "oasis dream" together.
    Approaching along the forest road, the originally quiet corner suddenly became clear. Through the screen, I saw an owl and the Taoyuan city bird "Taiwan Blue Magpie", playing playfully from side to side.

    Recording the texture of nature with light, repairing the memory of the forgotten land by the audience. Establish harmonious coexistence between human development and nature. Although it is the combination of artistic creation and nature, it does not mean to use artistic works to change the nature, but to slightly construct or retouch the landscape, so that people can re-evaluate the environment in which he lives.


    The flow is endless
    Dinlas Digital Company Limited

    The Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival is like a miniature ecological bottle that condenses the beauty of Taoyuan, and there are wonderful things everywhere.
    Along the trail, you come to the river bank rendered by smoke and phantom lights. When night comes, as the lights change over and over again, the misty clouds and mists make people feel as if they are in the clouds, and feel a peace in their hearts.
    In terms of performance, the original drainage channel stands on the horizontal ground in the form of a work of art, and the light beams form a kind of huge light veins that extend along the line, drawing out various cultural features, and also alluding to the context of special geography. Scenes such as local culture and technology.
    With the unexpected performance style, it achieves constant surprise and moving. The streamlined light pulses create a water flow that can be seen at night for the gurgling stream, which brings out the small but great beauty of the stream.

  • 1 2

    【Our community is different】-Community director

    Moderator Xiang Jiahong (CEO of Sparkling Prairie Studio)

    Talkers Li Renfu, Deng Xudong, Ye Shixi

    Taoyuan has many unique communities. When artists enter the community, they exchange life experiences with local residents, and use the method of co-creation to create sparks of art with each other, making everyone an artist. At the same time, in the process of creation, the residents of the community are inspired to care for the living environment independently and spontaneously, to explore the community culture, to gather the community's centripetal force, and to make the local culture and culture of the community produce a new appearance. Invite the chairman of the community to share the impact of the festival on the community, as well as the transformation of the local landscape and residents after the festival.

    1 2

    [When Art Happens in the Community] - Artists

    Moderator Lin Chunyong (2015, 2016, 2021 + Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival Participating Artists)

    Talkers Zhou Lingzhi, Jiang Xianming, Huang Wanwen

    The artist moved his artistic creation to the natural landscape and living areas of Taoyuan, including Pitang, coast, Shihu, military base, farmland, street profile, railway and park, etc., using art installations as a catalyst to connect the environment and people. relation. In addition, through the form of community co-creation, the local community is aroused, and through the eyes of art, the residents are led to explore local characteristics with new perspectives, and then establish self-identity and build community consensus.

    This time, three artists are invited to share their creative process and small stories of community residents' interaction.

    3 4

    2021+ Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival Art Forum - Feeling Nature

    Moderators Zhang Huilan, Huang Haiming, Chen Guanhua, Xu Wenrui

    Participants Xu Beixian, Qiu Jiexen and Mo Shanlan, Lua Rivera, Zhou Caiwei, Huang Meihui, Liu Zhihong, Lin Chunyong, Luo Yuanhong, Su Guanyin and Chen Mingyu, Xiang Jiahong, Sabu﹒ Kazhao, Yang Haiqian, Yiyou. Kazhao, Huang Wenyuan

    The new crown pneumonia epidemic has greatly changed people's existing movement paths and interaction modes, bringing new epidemic prevention scenery to daily life, and strengthening people's desire for nature. This year's Taoyuan Landscape Art Festival leads us to re-look at the urban landscape and explore the moment when art and nature resonate through the eyes of artists. At the same time, participating artists are invited to share their artistic creations from the perspectives of local culture, historical memory and living environment, so as to jointly create the future look of the landscape.

    1 2

    [What we did together with the community in those years] - public sector

    Moderator Xu Zhuguan (Chairman of the Taiwan Association for the Development of Urban and Rural Characteristics)

    Talkers Yu Huiwen, Xu Xiuhua, Zhang Honglin

    The Landscape Arts Festival connects the public sector, local communities, artists and other private units, and it is only by working together that the event can be carried out smoothly. This session invites district office staff to share how the district public sector consolidates local resources, provides logistical support, and organizes community activities. And after the festival, how to continue the spirit of the landscape arts festival and continue to promote things in the community.

  • 2021+ Taoyuan Land Art Festival - Leading CF

    2021+ Taoyuan Land Art Festival - Highlights Promotion CF

    2021+ Taoyuan Land Art Festival - Community co-creation promotional video

    2021+ Taoyuan Land Art Festival - Community co-creation video

    2021+ Taoyuan Land Art Festival - Prelude video of light and shadow works

    2021+ Taoyuan Land Art Festival - Documentary video of the light show

    2021+ Taoyuan Land Art Festival - Guess what work this is?

    2021+Eatland View-Taoyuan Feast Promotional Video