2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival—New City-scape


Founded in 2013, the Taoyuan Land Art Festival is an event that focuses on promoting Taoyuan’s natural landscapes and human culture. The festival, which has been held in various administrative regions over the years, utilizes diversified and culturally rich art exhibitions to inspire visitors to look at land, environments, ecological development, human culture, and history from different perspectives. The 2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival will be held at Bade District, Taoyuan, where the Dainan Military Camp (previously the Special Police First Headquarters) will serve as the core exhibition area supported by surrounding pond areas. The festival will use the functions of the ponds (i.e., providing a nurturing environment for pond animals) and the military camp (i.e., offering protection and engaging in strategic planning) to form its main concept and theme, which are “Protecting the Present and Striving for a Better Future” and “Introducing New City-scape,” respectively. “Landscape” is a proof of local development and the long-term progress of human culture and history. By showcasing art and hosting various activities, the 2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival will rediscover, explore, interpret, reflect on, exhibit, and experience the various forms of land art including memory-, history-, living-, industry-, culture-, and nature-oriented land art. Such endeavors will foster local identity and awareness, demonstrate the energy and vitality of the city, and inspire creative changes and development in the future. The 2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival is based on the concept of “Protecting the Present and Striving for a Better Future.” The word “striving” signifies the city looking forward to a brighter future and working towards it in an ambitious and enthusiastic manner. The festival will use local land to create shared memories and a promising future, and display various art to drive innovation and open new frontiers. Concerning the theme of “New City-Scape,” it includes introducing new land art shown in international land art festivals, the new land art of Taoyuan City, new living land art as well as new land art created, and the new land art in Taoyuan’s cultural, social, and natural ecosystems. LIU Chu-Lan Director, Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts


    01 Fly over Shangri-La

    HSU May 

    02 Chung Yuan Christian University College Design Landscape Architecture

    Chung Yuan Christian University College Design Landscape Architecture

    03 ránrán

    HSU Wei-Lun x TU Chia-Ling


    04 The House of Rebirth

    PAN Tein-Yi

    05 Dainan Ruins

    TU Wei-Cheng

    06 Take a break

    COMRUESTO – HSU Jui-Chien、HOU Chin-Heng、HUANG Li-Ying、CHIANG Chiao-chin 


    07  BECOMING

    Olga ZIEMSKA

    08 Threads of Nature

    MA Yan-Song | MAD

    09 To Roam The Resting Place

    LIN Yu-Cheng


    10 Bloom Paradise

    LAI Jun T.

    11 Spin Park in Dainan

    YANG Soo-In(Lifethings) 

    12 Phalanx

    HU Chin-Hsiang


    13 Soft Defense

    219 YAOGO

    14 GARDENS

    FANG Wei x HUNG Chih-Yuan

    15 The Claude boat



    16 We meet slowly in the forest


    17 Wind and Color

    ĐÀM Đăng Lại

    18 Scenery enfolded by scenery

    LAI Tian-Ming


    19 ≡ > * Dainan/The theatre of stolen light

    YANG Deng-Lin x YANG Yu-Ning 

    20 Pool-Loop

    Joan POMERO

    21-1 Chalkroom

    HUANG Hsin-Chien & Laurie ANDERSON



    21-2 Thru the Chalkroom

    HUANG Hsin-Chien



    22 Vertical Emptiness in DP

    Yasuaki ONISHI



    23 PROCESS

    LIU Chia-Wei




    24 In search of the moon and the sun

    Pip & Pop (Tanya SCHULTZ)


    25 Cloud9: Raining

    TAN Wee-Lit

    26 Space Time

    WU Szu-Ju / Vision UnionCompany Ltd.





    27 A River

    Yoshinori FUJII



    28 Hide-and-seek in Taoyuan

      CHEN Olivia X Evgeny BONDARENKO X  ZHANG Yi-Shuai



    29 Camouflage

    CHOU Meng -Yeh 




    30 Feel the Fern

    CHEN Do-Zow 



    31  Homey Patterns of Bade

    CHEN Kuan-Jung ,WANG  Ying 



    32 Bade Cooking Canteen 

    LIN Shu-Hao 




    33 Double W, Bade

    Department of Art & Design, Yuan-Ze University 



    34 CHIOU Chuang- Chien's Art

    CHIOU Chuang- Chien  



    35 The Memories About Bade

    HSIAO Yun-An 


  • The Fresh Taste of Rice

    Have a bite of rice and savor the fresh taste that only you and I know. Here, you can enjoy a historical old military camp, early-autumn breezes, the sound of rice hulls, the memories of Taiwan people, and the simple, pleasant taste of rice and tea.Slow Island Theatre Groupe established in Taoyuan,Taiwan 2008, Slow Island Theatre Group wishes people who live in the island – Taiwan, would slow down their steps with artistic beau-ties. Slow Island Theatre Group has been invited to 2010 Taipei Arts Festival. The company plans to work with outstanding artists from Taiwan and all over the world, to create experi-mental and interesting theatre work together.

    Amazing Sea Sparkles

    In the 1970s, many Matsu Island natives moved to Taoyuan. Today, the Bade District has become the administrative district housing the most Matsu Island natives in the main island of Taiwan. The different lifestyles of these new residents are Taoyuan’s precious assets. Matsu Island natives are familiar with sea sparkles and are not used to seeing dark seas at night. Accordingly, they made symbolic lights at the Taoyuan Land Art Festival to introduce to the public Matsu Islands’ most beautiful coastline scenery. 

    The Mid-Autumn Festival

    The number of new residents in Taoyuan City is 11% of that in Taiwan. These new residents come from a variety of countries (e.g., Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam) and are happy to share their food culture and folk customs with Taiwan people, adding colors to Taiwanese culture. This Mid-Autumn Festival tells stories about the moon and introduces carp lanterns, Kinmen bo bing, and new resident cultural booths to teach visitors about the different ways that the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated around the world. 

    Adventurers of Dainan

    The Dainan Forest Park was previously a military camp featuring buildings such as ammunition depots and pillboxes. Thus, it evokes a strong military ambiance. For this event, objects used by military police are designed into stages that visitors must complete. There are five stages in total, and visitors are awarded a medal for every stage they complete. After collecting all five medals, visitors can win a gift from the Taoyuan Land Art Festival.

    Fermented Tofu in Military Dependents’ Villages

    The smell and taste of congee combined with fermented tofu are mouthwatering, wonderful memories shared by people living in military dependents’ villages. Such smell and taste are something they have cherished since childhood. Let’s reproduce such smell and taste by making and tasting fermented tofu ourselves!

    Green War

    The Bade District abounds with rice and features rice that has won the National Famous Rice Origin Championship. In fact, paddy fields and farm work are memories shared by local Bade District residents. This event begins with local Bade District residents talking about the history of rice in the Bade District and changes in today’s agroecological environment. Next, the event introduces manual weeding methods employed in the past to educate visitors about how to distinguish straw from cockspur grass. Then, famous greenhouse vegetables are harvested and cooked on-site, allowing visitors to eat them after a day of hard work and understand the importance of cherishing food.

    Discovering Beetles

    The Dainan Forest Park possesses a long military police-related history, invaluable human culture resources, and a rich and diverse ecological environment comprising animals and plants such as birds, bats, insects, and trees. For this event, visitors will embark on a journey into the forest, where they will learn about its diverse ecological environment and how to use natural materials such as dead branches, tree leaves, and pinecones to find beetles.

    Chat Room : WASHING 

    The community people in Xiao-li Village still maintain a traditional everyday-life habit; that is, to wash clothes by a pond where water springs from underground around the clock. By the clothes-washing pond, we wash our personal items and also our mood, while chatting and socializing with neighbors.The performance will focus on this private but at the same time also public washing behavior. Created by Prototype Paradise and Xiao-li residents, this performance invites audience to experience an afternoon promenade which connects nowadays and the good old times.
    Murmuring Dai-Nan
    The landscpae of Dainan Forest Park is interwoven tightly with human behaviors. This performance would like to invite the audience to open their senses and go through a short journey from a plant's perspective. Audience members will also be encouraged to think about what kind of future we would like the park to grow into.    This event will be held in Mandarin without  interpretation.
    May Special Police Bless You
    Even though the police officers of Special Police First Headquarters are those who work at the front line at major social security events, their faces are usually remembered as a blurred whole. The military/police-only zone is also always under a mysterious veil. Audience members of this performance will participate in the daily life of those who used to serve the Special Police, and get to know these officers as individuals with also all kinds of emotions. This event will be held in Mandarin without  interpretation. 
    The Clash of Colors
    This event employs Pip & Pop artwork offered by Taoyuan Children’s Art Museum, and elements such as colors and sounds used by theater performers to improve children’s concentration, observation skills, imagination, creativity, and aesthetic integration ability, realizing their creative potential. Additionally, parents and children are given an opportunity to bond during the gaming process.
    Discovering Forests
    The Dainan Forest Park was once a military police camp and was thus not open to the public. Consequently, it has successfully preserved its forest trees, becoming the most complete forest in the Bade District. The park features a rich and diverse ecological environment containing various types of plants, approximately 3000 trees, and seven types of protected animal species. For this event, guides will take visitors on a trip observing the park ecology, where visitors will learn about plants, insects, and animals inhabiting the park and the importance of biodiversity, achieving the goal of environmental education.
    The Past, Present and Future of Ponds
    Taoyuan enjoys the reputation of being “a land with a thousand ponds.” The reason why it has such a high number of ponds is because of Taiwan’s short rivers; these rivers can only store rainwater for a short period of time. To solve this problem, Taiwanese ancestors chiseled sloping terrains to form ponds to store water needed for farmland irrigation. Originally an irrigation-type pond, the Xipo Pond Ecology Park was transformed into a flood detention basin to solve the problem of flooding in Dainan (the upstream region of the Dongmen Creek) and large forests. The birth and evolution of these ponds demonstrate the wisdom of human beings when faced with obstacles that Mother Nature has thrown at them, and this event will educate visitors about the history of, current obstacles encountered by, and future solutions in place for these ponds.
    Meetup with The Artists I - III series
    For this event, artists CHEN Kuan-Jung, HSIAO Yun-An,CHEN Do-Zow,Yoshinori FUJII,WU Szu-Ju, LIN Shu-Hao and the Department of Art and Design, Yuan Ze University share with visitors their artwork creation process, the idea behind their artwork, and the stories that unfolded when they co-created their artwork with local residents.


    The Impression of Peh-tè-tshù:Pattern Collecting Workshop
    The Impression of Peh-tè-tshù:Pattern Printing Workshop 
    Different ethnic groups have settled in Bade District, imbuing the region with a rich culture and history. Bakuaicuo Object Investigation Workshop II transforms the objects collected into textile printing to produce textiles with Bakuaicuo-related designs. 
    The Taste of Your Hometown:Share The Memories of Food Workshop 
    The “taste” of hometown is memorable no matter where you are. The ethnic groups settling in Bade District have made Bade District the place that it is today. The Hometown Food Workshop invites visitors to try various hometown food to trigger their memory, encouraging them to share their own personal stories and their hometown “taste.”
    Come Cook Togather in Bade Market:Shared Cooking Workshop 
    One of the best locations to learn about a region is from its markets. For this workshop, artist Lin Shu-hao will take visitors on a journey to the Bade Market, where he will use the ingredients found in Bade bento, a co-created artwork, to introduce to the visitors the ingredients offered by the Bade Market as well as its origin and history.
    Where Are Those Impounding Reservoirs?To see the disappearing reservoirs through the ancient maps
    The topography of Taoyuan (i.e., a tableland) has contributed to its unique geographical landscape, water irrigation systems, and local lifestyles. For example, Taoyuan has the most ponds in Taiwan. However, because of urban development, many of said ponds have been filled with sand to enable the construction of buildings. A comparison between old and new maps of Taoyuan reveals the lost ponds. “Where are the Ponds?” A Seminar on Hydraulic Engineering in Taoyuan teaches visitors the Bade District environment and human culture as well as the district’s cultivation and hydraulic engineering endeavors.
    Where Are Those Impounding Reservoirs?A walking tour of where the reservoirs used to be
    Stroll between the Xingren and Fuxing Villages; find missing hydraulic engineering systems using old maps; and experience the changing times during the process. Discover lost treasure during the process of urban development, and share your hometown memory or the changing landscape and human culture that you have witnessed.
  • Moving Land Art

    Vanguard Rifle Drill TeamMulti-X Theatre Company, Formosa Circus Art and Acrojou

    Inspired by the Danan military police camp, “Moving Land Art” invites famous domestic and international performing groups (e.g., Multi-X Theatre Company, Formosa Circus Art, Acrojou, and Hankuang Honor Guard) to connect art and landscapes together via mimes, parkour, circus shows, juggling, and dances. Visitors are invited to come see these performances in the Danan Forest and revel in the beauty of its landscapes.The performances will start from the north entrance of the Danan Forest Park and are expected to pass by the central passageway, water square, ammunition depot, and south square. 

    Dainan Forest Light: Projection Mapping Show for the 2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival

    Agi Chen Studio

    By integrating music, lighting, projection, and interactive AR devices, “Dainan Forest Light” is a 200-meter-long light theatre set up in a forest environment. The show’s protagonist is a Black-naped Oriole, an endangered bird species with less than 200 individuals left in Taiwan. In the story, when the bird visited Dainan Forest Park in search of new habitats, she encounters and befriends many amicable animals and plants that sing and dance with her in unison. Surrounded by flora and fauna, this show invites the audi-ence to listen to the sound of the forest and perceive the mystery and energy of life in Nature, which manifest the locale’s unique geographical feature as well as its distinc-tive ecological experience. As the spectators immerse them-selves in sound and colorful light, we hope this feast of technology and art will bring people together to cherish the precious ecosystem in Dainan Forest Park and co-create a whole new landscape for the neighborhood of Bade, Taoyuan.

    4D Animation Theater – Forest of Stories  


    4D Animation Theater – Forest of Stories is exhibited by the cooperation of 2019 Land Art Festival and Tellingtent. With Taoyuan original animation and panoramic screens which surround audience, a theatrical storyteller relates the story with virtual reality technique and theatrical digital devices such as sound, lighting, fog, and vibrating. We are trying to create an immersive, imaginative, innovative, and interactive experience in theater. As such, children’s imagination can fly up to sky and over forest, to see Taoyuan’s brand-new landscape and enjoy this unique experience ever. 

    The Reindeer Forest

    The Reindeer Forest presents a fascinating mural lit at night. For this performance, unique lighting technology, a happy parade, and natural materials are combined to amaze the audience.

    Perfect Drumming – Taoyuan, Swing to It!

    This performance will introduce songs including “Rain Showers,” “Vajra-King Jeweled Sword,” and “Surging Forward” to dazzle the audience’s senses.

    The Reappearing Glory of Dance

    This performance introduces classical ballet, folk dances, and creative dances to show the charm of the various types of dances.

    Cast Moon Blocks

    Poe divination is a ritual of faith that usually popular in the traditionalsociety among the Chinese. Throwing poe (Cast Moon Blocks) is a divination toolthat used by secular people to seek instruction with the Gods. Two in a pair,three-dimensional crescent shape, separated. Curved surface known as “Yin”,whereas the flat surface known as “Yang”. In Hakka, Taiwan, the throwing poe is also known as Bwa Bwei. People prayfor safety, seek for advice, answers or instructions from God by using Bwa Bwei.This kind of ritual has become a traditional for the Taiwanese and Hakka’s aswell.

    Let’s Travel with Dorothy

    Let us travel around the world with Dorothy and search for passion, wisdom, forgiveness, and sincerity to enrich our lives.

    Grandma's Gift

    Jay liked magic very much when he was a child, because of his lack of ability, he was often ridiculed and bullied by his classmates, which led him to dislike school! He almost gave up his dream of learning magic!      After knowing this, Grandma gave him a magical bottle. Jay didn't expect this magic bottle to speak! It will help him solve the problem. One day, he often bullied his big wolf classmates and was sent to the new transfer student.  Jay not only took the courage to help the big wolf, but also became a good friend with him! Unexpectedly, when he grew up, he became a powerful magician "Mr. Bottle".

    Sound of Earth – All Over the Forest

    For this performance, the performers will perform popular musicals including Visional Train, Happy Xylophone, and Mamma Mia!              

    Drumming in the Forest – A Jazz Feast

    For this performance, classic jazz songs and pop music are united to introduce to the audience powerful music from the 1930s to the 1940s.

    Wings of White

    This performance shows a charming ghost walking down the street in a graceful manner similar to that of an elf spreading its wings and spinning at a white concert; the performance presents a combination of theater, stilts, music, fire, dances, and metals and “interacts” with its audience up close and personal.

    The Symphonic Forest – Voice of the Local

    The Long T’an Philharmonic Orchestra is a colorful and unique orchestra and delivers performances designed using classic and local cultural art to demonstrate the vitality of music.

    Energetic Latin – Samba! Samba

    For this performance, self-composed Hakka songs and world-class Latin music will be presented to show music that is unique, passionate, touching, and emotionally enriching.

    Sing Joyfully – See You in Taoyuan

    O-Kai Singers

    For this performance, music of varying styles will be performed, including classic Portuguese jazz song Mas que Nada and Atayal love songs.

    The Dancing Land

    For this performance, traditional operas, dancers, pop culture, and the theme of the 2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival are blended together to provide its audience with an art and dance-oriented “feast.”

    Sing Up in Taoyuan – An Art Feast in the Forest

    This performance will introduce various Chinese musical instruments including erhu, traditional Chinese luogu, Middle East drums, djembes, Himalaya bowls, and Jew’s harps to educate the audience about musical instruments used around the world.

    The Legend of the East – Let’s Rock ’n Roll

    “The Legend of the East – Let’s Rock ’n Roll” features a performance type and style that differ from those of Chai Found Music’s previous performances. For this performance, rock and roll and electronic elements are merged together and dazzling dances as well as light and sound effects are displayed.

    Korean traditional dance - Precious cultural heratage

    Hongseong County Dance Troupe

    For this event, the Hongseong County Dance Troupe will perform classic, traditional South Korean dances in Danan Forest Park to show the audience local, traditional South Korean dances, introducing them to a unique dance-viewing experience

    Sing in the Forest– Resounding Landscape

    On a Mid-Autumn Festival afternoon, the Taipei Male Singers will deliver an a cappella performance to provide its audience with a diverse and special audio experience.

    An Art Feast – Jazz, oh, Jazz

    Skyline Jazz Band

    Skyline Jazz Band will incorporate new concepts, techniques, features, and music elements from around the world in its jazz music to offer its audience enriching music this summer.

    Green Environment – Embraced by Music

    Taiwan Bamboo Orchestra,TBO

    The Taiwan Bamboo Orchestra will play bamboo-based musical instruments such as recorders, sheng, and xiao in the Danan Forest Park. In addition, it will combine traditional and innovative music together to create music that is unique to Taiwanese bamboo-based musical instruments.

  • Imagination and Construction of New City-Scape 


    Many thousands of years ago, ancient people made visual images in caves with rock wall as easel depicting the mysterious stories and hallucination. In the 20th century, modern people consider the earth as canvas or medium to endow artistic creation with various reflections on natural environment. It seems the soul of nature has constantly been aroused by human thoughts and art undertakings, bringing out the new dialogue between nature and artificiality. As a result, contemporary art map is constituted with the essential part of land art. Based on the imagination and invention of “New City-Scape”, 2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival sets up the display platform and international exchange associated with land art. How can people, in light of the past experience, think outside the box of time and space, re-examine the new concept between man and environment, and create the new harmonious landscape of nature, culture and life? And how can people reverse the nature going toward inevitable extremes or architecture approaching to ruin by guarding precious moments and advancing toward the unpredictable future? The forum, conceived with the symbiosis concept of human and natural environment, invites six presenters from five Asian countries to agitate dialogues and exchanges on their own landscape imagination, perspective and introspection.

    Two subtopics are designed in this forum: 

    Topic 1: Art as the Diverse Lure / Art x Construction x Deduction
    The section focuses on the experience sharing of practices from different regions. Issues as how to motivate the development of nature and culture in specific fields through art charms to summon the present of historical memories and the past to be forgotten; how to explore the construction force of communion between places and humanities in contemporary art scenes; land as art is a kind of unnatural interference or nurtural infiltration for the environment.

    Topic 2: Land as the Ideal Future / Landscape x Future x Creation
    The section explores the new relationship among human, environment and the earth. Questions as how to construct various new context of flowing landscapes in the good future through transformation of symbiosis and reinvention; how to infuse more trusts and concerns into the current environment with our true gaze and reflexive introspection; how to depend mutually for existence and harmony among art, architecture and environment; how to cross beyond the divide between the rural-on-nature and urban-on-architecture in order for expanded forces among government and community.   


    Nature, Human Culture, and History: A New Perspective on the Environment

    Artist: Joan POMERO, YANG Soo-In and Sonja VORDERMAIER 

    Moderator: LIU Chu-Lan  Director, Taoyuan Museum of Fine Arts

    Local and Foreign Regions: The World Displayed in Art

    Artist: LAI Jun T.,ĐÀM Đăng Lại and Tan Wee-Lit 

    Moderator: SHIH Jui-Jen Creative Director,G9 Creative Park

    Old Places, New Scenery: Local Artists’ Interpretation of Landscapes

    Artist: LAI Tian-Ming,TU Wei-Cheng,LIU Chia-Wei and HU Chin-Hsiang

    Moderator: PAN Yuki Director,MOCA Taipei


    Buildings, Landscapes, and Theaters: Narrative on and Imagination about the Environment

    Artist: PAN Tein-Yi,FANG Wei,HUNG Chih-Yuan,LIN Yu-Cheng,HSU May 

    Moderator: CHEN Li-Yu Chairperson/Dept. of Interior Design Director/Creative Design Center

  • 2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival CF 1  

    2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival CF 2

    2019 Taoyuan Land Art Festival CF 3