2014 Taoyuan Land Art Festival


When art is out of the context of museums and galleries, more possibilities will be added to its relations with the space and general public! This year, with the unique landscape of the Taoyuan Naval Base as the background, Taoyuan once again presents different urban features with land arts and invites the general public to explore the space and feel its charms with sunshine, adventures, explorations and experiences. To this end, we introduce internationally-renowned installation art in the vast space of the naval base to re-establish the depth of local cultures, re-create rural memories, strengthen Taoyuan's local characteristics, and disseminate Taoyuan's vitality and passion. The concepts of this year's festival can be divided into four aspects: "integrating with local unique time and space with art as the medium," "establishing the ambience for the public participation with multi-faceted art and cultural events," "demonstrating Taoyuan's aviation culture by opening up the Taoyuan Naval Base," and "improving art and cultural life to actively connect with the world." Further details are as follows: (1) Integrating with local unique time and space with art as the medium: The festival aims to facilitate the interactions and dialogues among natural environment, historical context and art to arouse the awareness of ecological and geographical environments and meanwhile to activate existing resources by artistic engagement in the venues and create the possibility of local practice in cultural events in order to transform the energy of the dialogues between art and environment into the resources for sustainable development. (2) Establishing the ambience for the public participation with multi-faceted art and cultural events: The festival showcases installation artworks created by internationally-renowned artists, collective creative activities, art workshops, and a variety of performances, which invite the general public to visit the art and cultural venues, build up creative experiences, feel the aesthetic inspiration, form common impression of beauty, and further review the relations between mankind and land. (3) Demonstrating Taoyuan's aviation culture by opening up the Taoyuan Naval Base: This festival transforms the Taoyuan Naval Base for military use to a venue for performing arts, which is open to the general public, and combines outdoor art installations and static displays with unique landscapes, such as the 3.6-kilometer-long airstrip and bunkers, to showcase the specific manmade landscape of aviation and to highlight the uniqueness and charms of local cultures by means of the public participation in the Taoyuan Land Art Festival. (4) Improving art and cultural life to actively connect with the world: At the time when Taoyuan is to be upgraded to a municipality directly under the jurisdiction of the central Government and become a metropolitan featuring not only economic but also art and cultural development, the Taoyuan Land Art Festival aims to introduce international artistic energy into local unique military and historical landscapes, give full play to the original creativity and public participation, and integrate local environmental, historical, and cultural resources to transform the space with arts and improve the pattern of cultural construction.


    01 Moon Rabbit 

    Florentijn Hofman

    02 Six Realms of Rebirth

    Zhang Huan

    03 Pure Land

    Li Chen


    03 Float to Sukhavati 

    Li Chen

    03 Wisdom 

    Li Chen


    03 Fulfillment Bodhisattva 

    Li Chen



    04 Stone Path

    Xu Bing

    05 RoundDragon

    HUNG Yi

    05 Horse Popular

    HUNG Yi


    05 Tiger Sensitive

    HUNG Yi

    05 Ox Patient

    HUNG Yi

    05 Sheep Elegant

    HUNG Yi


    05 Formosan Sika Deer

    HUNG Yi

    05 Owl

    HUNG Yi

    05 Elephant of Sharing
    (Japanese printed cloth)

    HUNG Yi


    05 Cat

    HUNG Yi

    05 Elongate Dog

    HUNG Yi

    05 Dog Loyalty

    HUNG Yi


    05 Heart-Shapped Snail

    HUNG Yi

    05 Rabbit Articulate

    HUNG Yi

    06 Black Cats Art Base

    Stony Team


    07 Umbrellas of Local Bond

    08  Army of Land Art

    Stony Team

    09 Blessing of a Flying Eagle

    Hung Wen-chang



    An Amazing Journey of Steel


    Paper Weapons

    Rebirth of Abandoned Materials for Military Use via Cultural Creativity
  • Road Running Day

    The one and only creative military road running in Taiwan!Airstrike is approaching and crises are threatening. How are you going to survive? This road running event, with the military theme, takes place on the airstrip with various military scenarios. Over 3,000 people jointly experience the airstrike, military emergencies, and all sorts of surprises to shed sweats and share laughter together!

    Shooting Day

    Darts, archery, water pistols… Are you ready to shoot?Four types of shooting experiences await you. Come and enjoy shooting on the airstrip with us!


    Bicycle Day

    Citizens are invited to take part in the Bicycle Day event with their creative designs of bicycles and costumes inspired by either of the Black Cats Squadron, Aviation City, and aircraft. The top three places will be awarded with monetary prizes!


    Kite Day

    The vast land and straight airstrip in the base will be the most popular location for flying kites! Bring you kites along and enjoy a pressure-free weekend in the airport! Let's get rid of Monday blue together!


    Landscape Flash Show

    This landscape flash show features large-scale installations collaged on the airstrip with waste fabric and objects found in our daily lives. With the assistance of aerial photography and social media platforms, the creative process and final products will be simultaneously presented on giant TV monitors on the spot as well as website platforms on the Internet. The unprecedented interdisciplinary exhibition that spans over time and space and crosses various media will surely be eye-catching. 


  • Only you

    Joe Sature et ses Joyeux Osselets

    The quartet launches into interpretation of their favorite piece, Only You, from The Platters, but they are nowhere near the legendary quartet: singing without sound, sound without singing, exploit, showing off, going off the track, burlesque in concert. All kinds of unexpected events of live performance bring the four singers into a crazy and atypical singing roundabout. However, they are so serious about singing and so serious about being hilarious that you can't help laugh and applaud.

    Joe Sature et ses Joyeux Osselets is a comedy street performance company founded in 1992, but has also performed indoors since 2004. The trademark of the company is a combination of dynamic rhythm and situational comedy, orchestrated by a varied musical background, such as live music, singing, sound effects and soundtracks. The humorous and funny dramatic effects are very popular among audiences, who are sometimes burst into laughter and sometimes smile knowingly.


    Compagnie Albedo

    LES BIGBRÔZEURS features quadruplets of spies, terribly visible and naively trying not to be seen ... They wear long coats, rain boots and giant spectacles, and spy on everybody with suspicious eyes. You'll see their giant figures moving stealthily in the crowd from a distance. For monitoring the neighborhood, they disturb the rhythm of urban life. Watch out! You might be their next target! 

    La Compagnie Albedo is a street theater troupe founded in 1994. Since the beginning of its existence, the company has invested in public space and endeavored to transform the moment, the place, the relationships between people ... exploding the real, by slipping in surrealist actions and characters. The company has made more than 2,000 performances in nearly 40 countries and major festival events all over the world.


    Deus ex Machina

    Bubble combines acrobatics, aerial dance and atmospheric effects. The use of specific "bubbles" gives artists' movements a unique poetry, as a zero gravity flight in which the different effects of light seal the magical aspect. When the giant bubble appears in the sky with its transparent surface reflecting rainbows from the sunshine while the elegant and innocent fairies dance aerially, would you fancy traveling with the bubbles?

    Members of Deus ex Machina, a circus company founded in 2009, come from various fields of performing arts, including street magic, impromptu performances, aerial performances, fireworks, and stage effects. Whether it is an aerial show or an environment of snowflakes or bubbles, it can always attract audiences' full attention and make them emerge in a poetic fantasy of the theatrical world. 


    This program is a collaborative project between VOALA CNY. and British band Duchamp Pilot, a large-scale outdoor theater the integrates visual effects, contemporary music, installation art and aerial show. The conflicts between rock and roll music and performing art subvert our stereotype and imagination of a concert. Rich and exciting sensory experiences dazzle and fascinate audiences, who seem to be indulged in an incredible magic world in the clouds!

    VOALA CNY. from Spain, founded in 2007, turns the vast sky into a theatre and presents an original aerial show with unlimited challenges. Dancers gather, separate, and dance in the sky along with the music as spectacular as fireworks, bringing magnificent experiences hitherto unknown to the audiences. The company has toured around the world and performed in various major art festivals.

    Sing to Praise Mid-Autumn Festival

    Wu Zhao Nan Xiang Sheng & Theater Association

    In a fictional village where residents sing to everything in life, how could they ignore the moon, which has been praised by poets for thousands of years? How could they not sing to praise the Mid-Autumn Festival?

    Wu Zhao Nan Xiang Sheng & Theater Association was founded in 1999. As one of few extant masters of Xiang Sheng (aka cross talks), Wu Zhao Nan has also been devoted to the art of Peking Opera for more than 60 years and his disciples have been trained in different fields of performing arts. In addition to promoting the art of Xiang Sheng, the association also plays an important role in the circles of theater and traditional operas in Taiwan.

    Black Cats Club

    Taipei Jazz Orchestra

    For this year's festival, Taipei Jazz Orchestra presents Black Cats Club, in which multiple classic songs in English, Mandarin and Taiwanese are rearranged and reinterpreted to illustrate unlimited possibility of the Jazz scene in Taiwan. Audiences are led by the music to return the age of the Black Cats Squadron.

    Taipei Jazz Orchestra, founded in 2009, consists of many talented, experienced musicians who are passionate to big band music. In recent year, the group has been dedicated to planning its annual concerts, promotional tours to campuses and communities, as well as commercial performances. Meanwhile, it also supports Taiwan's musicians in writing works for big band music and will continue to move toward the goal of performing homemade music.

    Innovation Chef Percussion

    Punch Percussion Group

    In Innovation Chef Percussion, various utensils in the kitchen, such as pots and pans, rolling pins and steamers, are used as music instruments to add special flavors to Taoyuan!

    Punch Percussion Group consists of many up-and-coming artists, who major in percussion instruments while pursuing their master degrees in department of music. Members of the group have shown superb techniques and rich experience in performing and have thus far made more than 300 performances at various major venues and art festivals.

    The Wings of Hope 

    Sun Son Theatre

    In The Wings of Hope, beautiful and colorful stilts performers move around with music to tell the story about hopes. In the modern society where people are often bored, tired and frustrated, they all need a pair of wings to fly into the realm of the unknown so as to continue going on.

    Founded in 1998, Sun Son Theatre is a unique contemporary theatre company that integrates music, physical movements and drama. For years, it has been devoted to exploring endless possibilities of interdisciplinary arts with percussion music as the foundation for the music training and with the combination of body movements and human vocal as the expression of emotions and strength.

    Happy Cotton Candy


    In Happy Cotton Candy, Acrodynamic uses illusionary crystal balls, magic square frames, acrobatic gymnastics, and bubbles to build up the atmosphere of a large-scale festival and turn traditional acrobatic shows into dreams of lightness, bringing sense of happiness and sweet surprises to the audiences.

    Acrodynamic, founded in 2005, is one of the few professional groups of acrobatics arts, known for its expertise in combining the elements of the east and west acrobatics as well as the traditional and modern skills. Its performances integrate various factors from a wide spectrum of performing arts, including drama, magic, dance, Chinese martial arts, as well as sound and lighting, to create a new form of performing arts.

    Marching Band and Honor Guard of Shin Shing High School, Taoyuan

    The champion of the 2013 honor guard competition in Taoyuan is to warm up the opening ceremony of the festival with its marching band and honor guard performance that is full of vigor, energy, and creativity.

    The Marching Band and Honor Guard of Shin Shing High School was founded in 2008 and won the champion at the 2013 honor guard competition in Taoyuan with its outstanding performance. Unified steps, precise movements, loud and clear commands, and difficult skills all demonstrate the vitality and vigor of the youth. What an inspiring and amazing performance!

    Playful Autumn under the Moon

    The Chinese Acrobatic Troupe of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts

    The program, set at a rural grain-sunning ground, features various traditional acrobatic techniques, such as dancing, somersaults, diobolo, teeter board and headstand, and showcases the atmosphere of festivity of teenagers playing with each other and having fun.

    The Chinese Acrobatic Troupe of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts is the only professional acrobatic performing group with official affiliation in Taiwan. The group consists mostly of graduates from Fu-Hsing Chinese Opera School, students from Chinese Folk Arts Training Center, and members of Li Tang-Hua Stunt Group. It now features over 40 members, all of whom are professional performers with at least eight years of training and professional acrobatic techniques.

    Chang-e Flying to the Moon

    Cheerleading Squad of Chih Ping Senior High School

    In line with the Mid-Autumn Festival, the squad celebrates the legend of Chang-e flying to the moon with creative cheerleading performance. Spectacular and dazzling stunts and dance fully demonstrate the enthusiasm and vitality of the youth in this five-minute program.

    The cheerleading squad was founded in 2006 and has gradually gained the fame due to its outstanding performance in recent years. In 2014, it won the champion in the 2014 Cheerleading Competition of Middle Schools in Taiwan, in which 38 teams participated, winning two champions for two years in a row in the history of the squad. Whether it is tossing, straddling, jumping or flipping, nothing is too difficult for them.

    Soaring Up to the Sky with Arts

    Taoyuan Symphonic Band

    This concert features classic songs related to aviation and military to bid farewell to the Taoyuan Naval Base and usher in the Taoyuan Aviation City with beautiful music and meanwhile brings this year's land arts festival to a perfect ending.

    Founded in 2001, the Taoyuan Symphonic Band has upheld the principles of being people-oriented, taking roots in culture, basing on education, and using music as a vehicle. Over the years, in addition to touring around Taiwan, it has been invited to perform in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, and South Korea and has been highly acclaimed by local audiences. Now it makes more than 10 performances every year.