2013 Taoyuan Land Art Festival


The First Taoyuan Land Art Festival aims to prompt the general public to reconsider the ways for harmonious coexistence between human beings and the Nature with arts as the media. When arts are incorporated into the space, the culture of ponds and canals unique to Taoyuan will be visible to more people! Artists reside locally and interact with local residents to bring innovation to each other’s concepts and build strong bonds in the communities. While Taoyuan being upgraded to a municipality directly under the jurisdiction of the central Government, it further pushes forward the festival to the international stage by means of beautiful sceneries!


    Rubber Duck

    Florentijn  Hofman

    Footprints of Life

    Kusama Yayoi

    Giant Lotus

    Choi Jeong-hwa


    Green Sculptures, Furniture Garden

    Julie Chou

    Face the Natural

    KANG Ya-Chu X Charlies Y.S. Wang  

    Xinwu-Home, My Sweet Home Project

    Ray Chu X Department of Architecture, Ming Chuan University


    Mirror in the Water Lane

    Pan Yu-Yo 

    Images of Xinwu Life

    Pan Yu-Yo 

    Ponds V.S. Houses 

    Chen Li-yu

  • Les Poules

    Groupe Demons et Merveilles

    Groupe Demons et Merveilles, a French theater of masque founded in 1991, is a professional company specialized in theatre of images, visual and without text. With an humorous approach, the company brings interactive performances full of French-style wits and humor and has thus far created 12 works and made over 2100 performances worldwide. Inspired by hens, Groupe Demons et Merveilles created Les Poules in 2004, which had since been highly acclaimed internationally and appreciated by audiences from different countries. Three hens, featuring unique styles of pointed crests and big eyes, curiously walk among audiences and enjoy taking part in merriment to amuse everybody. Performers imitate the movements and expressions of hens and interact with audiences. Be alerted! They would peck you sometimes!

    Pedaleando Hacia El Cielo

    Theatre Tol

    Founded in 1998, Theater Tol is an international music theatre company based in Belgium. The company is known for its performances in a detailed and poetic manner, communicating through original and unusual visual and lyrical language. In 2012, it was invited to participate in London Olympic Festival, UK.Pedaleando Hacia El Cielo, showcased in the festival, is a performance conducted completely in the air, integrating singing, dancing and cinematic images to create dazzling visual effects.For it first visit to Taiwan, the company produces a tailor-made circular screen of eight meters in diameter, where local urban landscapes of Taoyuan will be projected as the theme of the context for the whole performance.

    Vox Vocal Band

    Vox Vocal Band is an A Cappella group composed of six boys and is currently one of the most sought-after A Cappella groups in Taiwan. They will present many re-arranged classic songs for audiences in the festival to experience the charms and thrills of A Cappella.

    Les Ombres Blanches

    Mademoiselle Paillette

    Mademoiselle Paillette, founded by Isabelle Cahagne, is known for its performances integrating dancing, acrobatics, theater, music and circus. Since its establishment in 2006, it has made more than 600 performances and been invited to perform at such art festival as Lyon Dance Biennale and Chalon dans la rue. Les Ombres Blanches features a group of fairies flying swiftly among us to wake up sleeping dreams and bring about laughter as jingle bells. Let’s follow their footprints and find our dreams before they are gone …

    Le Reveil des vilains

    Cie Les Freres Carton

    The three members of Cie Les Freres Carton from France have been dedicated to their beloved performing art since childhood and thus created the physical theater with impromptu humor. Le Reveil des villains, a classic of their repertoire, features three clowns, toys that have been deserted for a long time, suddenly awaking and starting their journey of looking for companions …

    El grupo mujerdanza

    El grupo mujerdanza is composed of a group of women enthusiastic about traditional and contemporary dance. What they present is not only dance but also various stories of human lives. The three pieces presented in the festival are full of powerful and charming physical vocabularies, demonstrating a group of women, who shine on the stage! Never mind their ages because their lives are shining brilliantly!


    Ocean Heart

    Diabolo Dance Theatre

    Founded in 1986, Diabolo Dance Theatre is the first group that combines diabolo, dance, gymnastics, and profession theatrical concepts. Lin Hwai-min has once claimed Diabolo Dance Theatre as "a team that takes its work very seriously and has quietly gathered momentum" and "Taiwan's Riverdance"! For the festival, it presents the rearranged classic work, Ocean Heart. In addition to the rearranged music, this production further incorporates live performances of singers and percussion music as well as fashionable and diversified techniques in its video and costume designs. Inspired by the ocean surrounding Taiwan, this is a disbolo symphony the infuses endless energy and conveys positive power from Taiwan!

    Nuwa Patches Up the Sky

    Wen He Legendary Theater Troupe 

    Liu Cheng-chieh, leader of the Wen He Legendary Theater Troupe, and Li Wen-hsun, prince of Hakka Opera, jointly established the company in 2009 out of concerns of the declining Hakka Opera culture. This production, Nuwa Patches Up the Sky, features exquisite Hakka music and mastery of martial arts to tell this well-known story from the Chinese mythology.

    Wings of Hope

    Sun Son Theatre

    Founded in 1998, Sun Son Theatre is a unique contemporary theatre company that continues to develop and explore various aspects of performing arts and create endless possibilities of interdisciplinary arts by constant experiments with physical movements, percussion music, human vocal, and drama. In the production of Any Beat, ordinary items from daily life, such as lunch boxes and buckets, are used as music instruments to produce dynamic rhythms that you will dance with to convey the concept of environmental sustainability as well as the message for all to cherish their cultures and land.

    Chungping Elementary School of Taoyuan

    In 2008, Principal Chen Hsin-ping of Chung-ping Elementary School discovered the beauty of Buh-maa Jenn, a traditional Hakka folk dance usually performing at religious rituals and festivals in Taiwan. He has since then worked with master of Buh-maa Jenn Hsu Shi-yan and the master of Hakka printed flora cloth Chi Lan-huei to develop the traditional folk dance, which becomes the unique characteristic of this elementary school. 

    Tap Dance, Walk Man

    Dance Works 

    Founded in 2001, Dance Works Tap Dance Theatre has been dedicated to exploring the tap dance of the US style. For years, it has integrated "creative rhythms" and "oriental elements" in producing innovative tap dances and thus become one of the top tap dance companies in Taiwan. For this festival, it presents two programs, one showcasing Taiwanese folks songs and pop music with Jazz music and tap dance, while the other incorporating Chinese martial arts and traditional Chinese music into tap dance to highlight their oriental elements.

    Acrobatic Collection and Amazing
    Acrobatic: Taiwan Flavor

    The Chinese Acrobatic Troupe of National Taiwan College of Performing Arts

    Founded in 1999, the Chinese Acrobatic Troupe is currently the only professional team of this kind in Taiwan. It aims to infuse factors of national cultures and performing arts into the traditional acrobatic shows and establish the aesthetics of "oriental avant-garde" by bringing new imagination into old convention with innovative creations and arrangements. Combining acrobatic physical movements, fantastic costume designs, and interesting stories, its performances inject new lives and elements of contemporary performing art to the declining traditional acrobatic shows.

    The Muddy Basin Ramblers

    Jazz Blues can be very eco-friendly as well! The Muddy Basin Ramblers is composed of a group of foreigner currently residing in Taiwan. Set its foots in the tradition of US Blues, this band leads audiences to enjoy the pure pleasure of music by singing, dancing, laughing, and enjoying themselves.

    PanAfricana Cultural Troupe

    The members of PanAfricana Cultural Troupe are drummers, singers and dancers from West Africa and the Caribbean region. For this festival, it offers audiences a unique African feast with traditional African music instruments to perform the original African folk songs.

    Hsieh Yu-wei, Golden Melody Award

    Winner for Best Hakka Singer

    Hsieh Yu-wei, contemporary Taiwan Hakka pop music singer who won the 15th Golden Melody Award for the Best Hakka Singer, is dedicated to promoting Hakka music among the youth and to incorporating elements of various music genres, such as folk songs, pop music, classic music and electronic music, into Hakka music in an attempt to find another possibility for the traditional Hakka music.

    City Rangers, Run

    Dance Forum Taipei

    Dance Forum Taipei, founded by Ping Heng, winner of the third National Award for Arts in the category of dance, is the representative of contemporary dance in Taiwan. For 24 year since its establishment, it has toured around the globe and made over 700 performances, highly acclaimed by professional critics in Asia, North America, and Europe. It presents two works in the festival, City Rangers and Run. The former features the combination of dance, theater, puppet show and large props to tell an adventure of a naught girl into the woods, while the latter is a work collaborated with Japanese choreographer Toru Shimazaki, guiding audiences into a distant and unknown alien land and showcasing passionate, strong and powerful dynamics. 

    Jin Hong Lion Dance 

    Chin Hong Lion Dance Troupe was founded in 1993 locally in Taoyuan. It has since then toured around the world to showcase traditional lion dance techniques with modern innovation. For the Taoyuan Land Art Festival, it will present unified and powerful performances to demonstrate their superb artistic techniques in lion dance.