2016 Taoyuan Land Art Festival


The 2016 Taoyuan Land Art Festival focused on three main themes: raising local awareness, community actions, and laying art foundations. The event was held at Guanyin and Bade Districts in Taoyuan and aimed to advertise the characteristics typical local landscape, such as stone tidal weirs, ponds, coastal features and natural ecosystems are the core elements for the planning and development of this festival. It was to highlight four values: community participation, promotion of local features, fostering environmental sustainability and implementation of the circular economy. The Taoyuan Land Art Festival includes art installations, themed activities, environmental theaters, concerts by the pond and village arts programs. With a wealth of artwork and the participation of the local community, this festival was not only a touristic medium, but also a grand ceremony for the Taoyuan locals. Through art as a catalyst, the festival encouraged community buiding and development, further flourishing the local culure and industry. By implementing our planning guidance of “Reach out and involve the community”, the 2016 Taoyuan Land Art Festival gained a firm foothold, raising public awareness through great events and authentic stories. The event also inegrated local resources, created innovative topics, implemented multi-media promotions, as well as poured energy into the local community to further heighted awareness about the festival. By doing so every year, the Taoyuan Land Art Festival continues to sustainably balance all environmental, economic and social aspects of the entire county.


    01 Eternal Sea

    Lin Shuen-Long

    02 Manufactured Island.Drifting Landscape

    Xuan-Cheng Chen 

    03 Crab

    Min-Sheng Hsu


    04 Jellyfish

    Eric Chang

    05 Coming From The Sea

    Ya-Ping Chang

    06 Float Flower

    Chun-Hsien Ho


    07 Someone Once Lived Here, Behind the Grass is the Sea.

    Wen-Chi Liu 

    08 Wrapped Outpost

    Jui-Ching Chen 

    09 Sculpting Wood

    Ting-Yu Liang, Wen-Chi Liu


    10 Sounds of Hakka


    11 The Fisherman

    Marvin Minto Fang

    12 Dance on the Wind

    Shu-Yu Liu, Abo Wang


    Mobile Art Installation Project


    Department of Art and Design, Yuan Ze University


    Xue-Yun Lee, Yu-Yao Chen, Wen-Ning Wu and Yu-Ting Chou


    Mobile Art Installation Project

    Unicorn Coffee

    Department of Art and Design, Yuan Ze University


     Chi-Yu Lai, Pin-Jie Chiu, Chia-Cheng Huang, Yu-Jie Liang and Jia-Ying Wu 

    Mobile Art Installation Project


    Department of Art and Design, Yuan Ze University


     Yi-Huan Lu, Jia-Yi Chien, Wen-Qian Ji, Ting-Xuan Liao and Xiao-Ting Wang


    Mobile Art Installation Project

    Pass Through

    Instructor:Wan-Yen Fan Jiang and Li-Yun Chang


    Student:Students of the departments of Railway Vehicle,Automobile Maintenance and Cosmetics and Fashion of Chin Hua Hight School

    Mobile Art Installation Project

    Break the Waves

    Chien Hsin University 

    Ming-Yi Tsai

    Mobile Art Installation Project


    Longhua University of Science and Technology


    Instructor:Rex Chao


    Student:Fang-Yu Lin, Chao-Jen Wang, Yu-Che Lee, Chin-Ching Lin, Chi-Fang Chen, Pei-Yu Hu and Yu-Ting Chung


    13 DOROBOT

    Yoshinori Fuji

    14 Edible landscaping Of Puding Community Project

    Chung Yuan Christian University

    Kuang-Yuisa Wang

    15 The Story of Straw Plaited Article

    Yu-Xiang Wang, Qi-Chang Fan


    16 Jiudou Art Project

    Juwin Liu


    17 Fiddler

    Wen-Hui Ou yang

    18 Doctor o f Imaginary Archeology

    Lan-Ya Huang, Takahiko Suzuki


    19 Family Portraits & Story Project of Xinwu District, Taoyuan

    Bo-Sen LiaoYi-Hsun Tsai

    20 Spread Wings Throb

    Ping-Ho ChengChing-Jung Kao

    21 Our Planet



    22 Xinwu House For Sale

    Yu-Yo Pan

    23 The Frog Prince:“Croak Croak”

    Wen-Zhong Lu

    Artist Residency Programs

    Owl Story

    Tsu-Han Su


    Artist Residency Programs

    Moving Life

    Arya Pandjalu

    Artist Residency Programs


    Marvin Minto Fang

    Artist Residency Programs

    Sweet Happiness

    Pei-Ying Huang

     Artist Residency Programs 

    Roaming in History

    Yu-Te Chen

    Artist Residency Programs

    Chocolate Forest

    Lan-Ya Huang

    Artist Residency Programs

    Celebration of Summer

    Ellen Tseng


    Artist Residency Programs

    Never Ending Challenge

    Daeil Lee

  • Coastal Cleanup 

    Together with the Jellyfish art installation, people in this event were encouraged to discard litter into the Jellyfish trash can, as a symbolic action affirming the importance of protecting the marine ecosystem from hazardous wastes. The beach-cleaning activities also included efforts to highlight the need for waste reduction. By incorporating event participants and Jellyfish art project, the communal efforts made on that day are memorialized forever.

    Build a Stone Trap

    Long ago, early fishermen built stone traps to catch fish by fashioning pools with the pebbles on the coast at high tide. As the tide receded, the pools would trap the fish and prevent them from retreating back to sea.During the first phase of the project, the Xinwu Aixiang Association led local residents and students from Ching-Hua Senior High School and Yuan Ze University to renovate the stone traps along the seashore. The city's mayor also contributed to the final piece of the stone traps together with the participants, marking for the perfect ending to the event.Activities like Building a Stone Trap are essential for encouraging the preservation of essential cultural heritage at the local level.

    Stone Trap Heritage Class

    Stone Trap pools were created to reacquaint the public with the experience of the traditional Taiwanese fishing techniques. Teacher Jie Qiu, a long-time observer of the ecology near Stone Trap area, was invited to illustrate his book, Stone Grandpa Telling a Story, as well as guide the participants in painting exercises. Jie Qiu introduced his picture book in a lively way that illuminated the significance of the stone trap. He infused fun into his teaching, while participants learned by doing.


    A treasure map was provided for participants to hunt treasure along the coast. To finish their journey, participants were required to follow the detailed instructions and use the map. Upon reaching specific checkpoints, participants were required to answer questions, take photos or engage on social media, such as commented on the event's official Facebook page before going to the next checkpoint. The Geocaching game covers the area across Yongan Fishing Port and Green Bikeway. Citizens were able to get close to the land art as well as artworks thanks to the fun design of treasure hunt.

    Kite Flying

    A unique large kite festival was held by Chinese Taipei Stunt Kites Promotion Association with a marine-themed performances of stunt kites.


    Trawling is a traditional method for catching fish. In the early times, fishermen sailed on the sea in a sampan, towing nets in the water. When the boatman blewa conch, the nearby villagers would hear its distinctive sound, halt their work, and gather at the beach to harvest fish from the nets. Through narrating the tradition of trawling, the spirit of cooperation among villagers at that time is brought to light.

    Coastal Run

    Featuring art installations and coastal pillboxes in the area, the event planners arranged a 1.7-km-long route for Coastal Run. From the starting point, various surprises and challenge are arranged along the way, adding another sense of excitement to the experience.


    Fisherman's Rice

    Females are invited together with the Xinwu Aixiang Association from the local community were joining the event to prepare the traditional "Fisherman's Rice" using seasonal ingredients. As if they had been taking a trip on a time machine bac in the days, people stood under a tree or sat on a simple bench, listening to guides tell the stories of the past.
    Coastal Run
    Three art postcards featuring art installations from Xinwu, Bade, and tourist factory area were prepared for visitors to collect. Each postcard was for visitors to collect 5 stamps of artworks and 1 exclusive stamp. Anyone with a card of four stamps of art pieces could exchange them for souvenirs at the service center.
  • Environmental Theatre - Romance at Bade

    Lead Art Consultant | Wang Zhang
    Lead Director | Da Su
    Musician | Zhe-Yi Li
    Installation Artist | Chun-Yong Lin
    Fashion design | Juan Wu

    Artist | 
    Headspring Theatre
    Lyric's Studio
    Musou Band
    Jingsheng Opera Troupe
    Yi Tzu Dance Group
    Hecheng Hakka Bayin Musical Troupe
    Qiao Ai Elementary School of Taoyuan City
    The Department of Performance Arts of Jhih Shan High School 
    Da An Community of Bade
    Residents of Rei-Fa Community


    The lives of the people living in Taoyuan are tied to ponds. The performance, Romance at out at the environmental theater. The story tells the romance of a man and a pond fairy. perspective of the ancestors who originally dug the ponds for irrigation purposes, explo of the Bade area as the economy boomed and many ethnic groups moved to the area to e land suffers from exploitation, audiences are encouraged to reflect on the importance economic development and protecting the precious local ecology. Romance at Bade is an crossover collaboration of professional and amateur dancers. apart is that it takes place in the outdoor. Different from an indoor theater, the outdoor the boundary of the stage, so that audience can follow the actors to explore and be the local landscapes. Romance at Bade aims to bring the audience closer to the be well as to bring forth distinctive excitements for the audience to appreciate the utm show - the fusion of the cultural spirit and the local environment.


    Concert by the Ponds


    Taiwan Bamboo Orchestra
    Greenery Chamber Orchestra 
    Cicada 9 Cicada 
    Shawna Yang Jazz Quartet 
    Sirens Vocal Band 
    Punch Percussion Group
    Liu Xiao Kai Band
    FengYa Song Gu-Zheng Quartet
    3 People Music
    Christine Hsu & Zhi Lin & Jun-Jie Wang Musou Band 
    Voice Traveller Jazz Band 
    Muddy Basin Ramblers
    Chang-Ming Chen and Formosa Danshui Wandering Minstrels

    Guide | Han-Yang Chang, winner of 13 Radio Broadcasting Golden Bell Awards


    Inspired by the vibrant natural soundscape showcased by the ample fauna and flora in the ecology park, the concert aims to compose a sensational opus with landscape art imagery and "soundscape". Themed with "Autumn Sonata", the concert arranges "6 music concerts + ecology photography," so that the visitors to appreciate the works of land art may indulge themselves in lovely melodies and get a taste of the beauty of natural ecology.

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