2017 Taoyuan Land Art Festival—Exploring Secret Lands of Taoyuan Laying Foundation for Land Arts


Upholding the concept of "Exploring Scenery in a Land of Secrets" , the 2017 Taoyuan Land Art Festival will be held at Guanyin and Bade District, Taoyuan by combining the unique natural landscapes of Taoyuan, including local ponds, Melaleuca forest roads and abundant natural ecosystems, with local ethnic cultures, enabling visitors to discover and explore intriguing "Mysterious Landscapes”. Following the concept of last year, 2017 Taoyuan Land Art Festival focuses on three main themes and also highlights four values. By doing so, visitors will recognize environmental art as a refreshing reality. Held under the elaborative contact of natural sceneries and cultures, the 2017 Taoyuan Land Art Festival cooperates artists, local residents, and local colleges and universities in creating works that fully utilize local landscapes and cultural resources. We invite visitors in admiring these land art installations, discover secret lands through this event, and enjoy the trip on secret lands of Taoyuan through 17 featuring itineraries that stretch through all 12 districts. We expect to provide visitors with an extraordinary in-depth experience.


    01 A Flower It Seems, as If a Tree It Looks Like.

    Liu Po-Chun

    02 A Mountain Seen Is a Mountain Being; A Mountain Seen Is No Mountain Being

    Liu Po-Chun 

    03 Floral Cats Love Fish

    Chen Jung-Tien 


    04 Pond Galaxy

    Chen Chien-Chih 

    05 Maitake

    Hsiao Kai-Wen 

    06 Water Trace Flower

    Zenko Arts Office | Wu Yu-Ching 


    07 Tree Wizard

    Takahiko Suzuki 

    08 Seedling

    Chou Hsueh-Han, 

    Chiang Ming-Chun 

    09 Ripple

    Liu Chen 


    10 Pumpkin Shed

    Wu Chia-Lung  

    11 Surroundings

    Matthew Lien/Musician

    Chiang luan-Hau / Installation Artist

    12 Embracing

    Matthew Lien/Musician

    Chiang luan-Hau / Installation Artist


    13 Lotus Pavilion

    Chang Eric 

    14 Auspicious the year of the Rooster

    Hsu Min-Sheng 

    15 City Transformation

    Liu Po-Chun 


    16 Gallinula Chloropus

    Liu Po-Chun 


    Tsai Ming-Yi 

    18 Love is without boundary

    Department of Cultural Creativity and Digital Media Design, Lunghwa University of Science and Technology


    19 Find the world of mind

    Nanya Institute of Technology

    20 MU- The Secret of Birth

    Chu-Ching Lin 

    Ckfablab Design

    21 The Current of Life in a Mystical Site

    Undergraduate Program of Digital Space and Product Design, School of Informatics, Kainan University


    Instructor :Huang Pin-YaoChia-Hsin Chen


    Student : Students of Undergraduate Program ofDigital Space and Product Design of Kainan University


    22 The summer of lantern seedbox

    Chen Hsing-Fen


    23  Floating

    Huang Lan-Ya 

    24  Xiaoli Style

    Pan Yu-Yo


    25 GIGA FROG

    Yoshinori Fuji

    26 Childhood in Xaioli
    Lin Yen-Liang, Wang Yu-xiang, Hung Chin-Hu Ou 

    27 Nature And Culture

    Takahiko Suzuki  

  • Village of Happiness Straw Art Competition

    Scarecrows are installations used to prevent birds from eating crops and were a com weaving technique in early agricultural life. This event invited residents of Guany District in demonstrating local rural memories and imaginations and weave out local straw memories unique to the locals. This enables family seniors to cooperate with their younger family members and achieve the goal of passing on skills. Competition works will be exhibited along the main exhibition area so that visitors can celebrate the joy harvest and the fertile power of the land of Taoyuan together.

    Pumpkin Contest and Feast

    Guangfu Village, Guanyin District is abundant with pumpkins and has developed numerous special pumpkin dishes. In their downtime, farmers will plant ornamental large pumpkins and have competitions on how heavy pumpkins weigh. In accordance to the season and weather, residents of Guangfu Village enthusiastically taught visitors how to make pumpkin buns so that visitors can get a taste of the local cultural features and the great salty-sweet delicacy made by themselves.

    Lovers Hand in Hand Heading for Secret Lands

    "Lovers Hand in Hand Heading for Secret Lands" is not only Valentine's Day activity but most importantly, an activity that connects people. People's caring towards the land is inspired through art to express their faith in protecting the land and maintaining a sustainable environment together. Fill the landscape up with loving colors and create a one-of-a-kind land art installation.

    Soundscapes - Music Events

    While visually seeking the land arts of the secret land, we invited Blaire Ko, the composer of 2017 Taipei Universiade's opening ceremony, to collect and re-create the local sounds of Guanyin, Taoyuan. With Blaire Ko's versatile style on music composition and his keen touches on natural tones, he created a musical feast of new-generation that includes the natural environment and cultural images from the local, which will lead audiences to the beauty of the secret land through their ears.

    Rural Style Earth Oven Cooking

    With local residents of Guangfu as the earth oven instructors to teach participants tips on making earth ovens, visitor sare allowed to experience the traditional entertainment of agricultural society during fallow. Built with natural soils, it is then covered with broad branto maintain the temperature, which is unlike those of other places and symbolizes the memories of local agricultural villages. Sweet potatoes and corns that are sealed into the earth ovens present the great taste of local dishes. By cooperating with the local residents, participants not only can experience cultural features locally, but also experience the warmth between one another.

  • Meadow Concert

    National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) is invited to "An Excursion in Melody", a themed concert combining music concerts and lectures on September 2. With The Wanted vocal band as the opening, visitors could learn more about classical music in lively lecture demonstration concert. On September 3, led by Sirius Harmonica Ensemble and Taoyuan Classical Guitar Chamber Music, melodies are heard at meadows by the ponds.

    Large-structured Impromptu

    Ku & Pancers

    Combining the natural environment and the spacious outdoor space, the 9-by-7-meter “Frame" captures the unique landscape of local culture, presenting a field of view that is authentic and yet imaginative. The artwork not only challenges the imagination of the audience toward space and position via the angle adjustment of the "Frame“ but takes advantage of the ingenious arrangement of the natural lighting at dusk and technological lighting effects for dancers and visitors alike roaming in between the reality and beyond.

    Lunping Musical Concerts - Fond of Forest

    Combined with the natural environment, three musical concerts of Fond of Forest are organized in this exhibition area. Artists like Mathew Lien, "Interesting Quartet", "Uno Combo", "Taipei Philharmonic Brass Quintet, "MurMurShow" and "Chang and Lee" are invited to perform, so that the lovely melodies may flow amidst the forest of early fall, the meadow and the artworks.

  • 2017 Taoyuan Land Art Festival International Forum"Whose land art festival it is?" New directions regarding art and environment are inspired through dialogues.

    Domestic and oversea well-known environmental art curators, participating artists of this event and residents from local communities are invited to the Forum. Discussions regarding the essence and subject of the land art festival, civil aesthetics, and relevant issues. Through dialogues and debates over the relationship between"people", "art" and "environment," various arguments on the "Land Art Festival" are produced to deepen the content of Taoyuan Land Art Festival.


    Japan | Abe Mamoru   Scholar Artist
    Japan | Hamada Keizo Organizer of Setouchi Triennale and Governor of Kagawa Prefecture
    France | Pierre Bongiovanni Renown Curator
    Taiwan | Shuen-Long Lin Artist in Environmental Art 
    Taiwan | Nai-Wen Zhang Artist in Environmental ArtTaiwan | Resident Artists 


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