2018 Taoyuan Land Art Festival—Old City, New Art: The Sparkling Young Taoyuan


The 2018 Taoyuan Land Art Festival (TLAF) will be held from Sept. 14 to Sept. 30, 2018 at Yangmei/Fugang, Zhongli/Laojie Creek, and the Blue Pond Park. The festival will introduce the theme of “Old City, New Art: The Sparkling Young Taoyuan” and emulate the three major foci (e.g., “awakening local culture,” “driving community practices,” and “building art foundations”) and four major values (e.g., “community participation,” “local characteristics,” “environmental sustainability,” and “circular economy”) of the TLAF. In addition, the festival will combine art and space to facilitate human–environment interaction and will present traditional old streets and new emerging cities to visitors. Visitors will be invited to depart from the Fugang Railway Art Park, walk along the Zhongli Laojie Creek, and arrive at the Blue Pond Park to enjoy mesmerizing aqua theater performances. The goal is to utilize art to teach visitors, in a step-by-step manner, about Taoyuan, allowing them to witness the past, present, and future of the city. The TLAF will feature 51 artwork, 33 themed activities, two international parade exchanges, 14 aqua theater performances, and over 146 events including workshops and international art exchanges. The TLAF will comprise three exhibition areas, which will be “Walking between Yangmei and Fugang,” “Appreciating the Zhongli Laojie Creek,” and “Embracing the Zhongli Blue Pond Park.” Each exhibition area will contain its own exclusive art activities: In “Walking between Yangmei and Fugang,” Fugang residents will be guided to build “memory tracks” and recreate memory using public art. In “Appreciating the Zhongli Laojie Creek,” busy Zhongli streets and street corners will be examined using new aesthetic perspectives and local stories will be reinterpreted. In “Embracing the Zhongli Blue Pond Park,” large-scale art creation will be combined with new, “tailor-made” aqua theaters to accentuate the clear, crystalline Blue Pond Park. These new art methods will be used to create and fulfill new dreams. The goals of the 2018 TLAF are to imbue aesthetic sense in the minds of the public, transform the city of Taoyuan, and make Taoyuan an “art museum without walls.”


    01 Fugang Travel Notes

    Yin Chi-Chun

    02 Fugang Fantasy Tunnel

    Chen Pei-Han

    03 Life of Fugang, Light of Fugang

    City Yeast


    04 Fugang Scenery: The Story about Time

    Euglena Program of Art

    05 Shimmering Images

    Hsu Tsung-Chieh

    06 Living Train

    Pan Yu-yo


    07 Sparkling Airplane

    Liu Po-Chun

    08 Under the banyan, beside the pond, short bridge, running stream, an interesting world of fun

    Lin Shuen-Long

    09 Homeland

    Lin Shuen-Long


    10 Reaping the Rewards

    Chen Li-Shin

    11 Ring of Health

    Jian Shen-Min

    12 Origin

    Chiang Iuan-Hau, Chien Chi-Ing


    13 Taoyuan Air One

    Wang Wen-Zhi

    14 Calligraphy • Construction

    Shen Yu-Wei

    15 Aggregation • Symbiosis

    Lin Yi-Hsuan


    16 Fountain

    Nikolay Polissky

    17 Bamboyant

    Nikolay Polissky

    18 Time and Space Station, A21



    19 The Mirage

    Chee Wai-Loong

    20 the Circle

    Tseng Ching-Ting

    21 Impression: Between the Clouds Rivers and Grasslands

    Liu Ching-Lun


    22 Tie the Friendship Knot

    Yang Fang-Yi, Wu Yi-Jing 


    23 New Old Eternal Weave

    Yang Fang-Yi, Wu Yi-Jing

    24 Big Button Clock

    Cheng Yi-Xiang


    25 Seagull

    Katashima Ran

    26 Bird Tweeting
    Katashima Ran

    27 Zhongping Images

    Zhou Xue-Han, Jiang Ming-Jun 


    28 New Clothes Worn

    Cheng Yi-Xiang

    29 I Met Myself in That Year

    Jiang Hai-Peng

    30 My LiLis

    Chang Wei-Lun Kung Yun


    31 Bang Bang Lamp

    Zhou Xue-Han, Jiang Ming-Jun

    32 Her Chair, Her Position

    Jiang Hai-Peng

    33 Water Ciphers

    Chou Julie


    34 Four Seasons

    Hsu May

    35 Scenery on the Bridge

    Evgeny Bondarenko

    36 Next Color is Blue

    Fujii Yoshinori


    37 Di Da Cluster

    Kao Ching-Jung

    38 Fortune Cat

    Hung Yi

    39 Lucky Dog

    Hung Yi


    40 Lighting the River

    Luxury Logico

    41 Blossom Field

    Ding Jian-Zhong

    42 Weaving Home - Road Side

    Yui Inoue


    43 Weaving Home - River Side

    Yui Inoue


    44 The t1/2 final countdown

    Dave Hakkens Lasticholic, Inc

    45 Instant Wealthy

    Hung Yi


    46 The House of Thousand Mirrors

    Alessandro  Martinelli

    47 30 Squirrels in the Park

    Liu Zhe-Rong

    48 Picnic Camouflage

    Liu Zhe-Rong


    49 Prosper Dog

    Hung Yi

    50 The House of a Thousand Layers

    Alessandro  Martinelli

  • Touring Fugang

    The folk custom games will be based on the history of Fugang. They will include trivia about Fugang combined with activities such as creating dough figurine sculpture, sugar painting, making tanghulu, and rolling iron hoops. By completing the folk custom games, players will be awarded traditional souvenirs. The 2018 TLAF welcomes everyone to visit the Fugang Old Street and re-experience Fugang's simple, fun, and unsophisticated lifestyles back in the days.

    "Experiencing" the Stories of Fugang

    For this activity, storytellers will tell the stories of Fugang in a lively and interactive way. They will depart from the TRA Fugang Station and share with visitors the history of the Fugang Old Street through stories. These stories will include the rise and fall of the Laolongjian Rice Mill in the agricultural period, the memories shared by local residents and the Fugang Police Department, the establishment of the Dajingtou Tudigong Temple (resulting from available water resources and people's beliefs), and the creation and architectural features of the ancient Lushi House. Visitors will be invited to visit the old neighborhood, appreciate the charm of the times, and learn more about the local stories of Fugang.

    Observing the fish of Fugang

    This activity was inspired by the 2016 TLAF Mobile Art: Seven-color Fish. The activity will invite festival teams from the Xinwu, Bade, and Guanyin Districts (where the land art festivals have been held over the years) and combine the strength and resources of the local community to create small and large fish. In addition, a land art volunteer team has been established to bring the festival closer to the local community. The parade will continue to pass on the TLAF spirit like swimming fish, enabling art to "blossom" throughout the city of Taoyuan.

    Examining Handcarts

    In the agricultural period, many poor families worked as laborers. They pulled traditional handcarts to transport rice and cargo from places to places in exchange for board and lodging. Advances in modern science and technology have gradually replaced manual labor with machines. Today, it is difficult for the millennials to picture traditional tools used by farmers during the agriculture period. Introduction and games for visitors to learn about the ancient handcarts and old Fugang buildings are available. The goal is to allow visitors to experience first-hand the hardship experienced by people of the past.

    Enjoying the Food of Fugang

    The unique Hakka cultural custom of "food is a blessing" will be used as the theme to connect the five most representative traditional Hakka dishes together with poems. Xu Shui-fu, a local poet of Taoyuan and winner of the Chinese World Ice Heart Literature Award, has been invited to write poems for the Hakka dishes. By utilizing Xu's rich and diverse artistic background and strong literary attainment, food and art will be impeccably united.

    Pounding Mochi

    Local hospitable Hakka people will explain the history and culture of traditional Hakka food. Visitors invite their friends and sign up as teams. By pounding glutinous rice dumpling into mochi, visitors will experience Hakka people's cohesiveness in overcoming struggles. In addition, exquisite Hakka rice soup will be prepared for visitors to enjoy and reminisce the simple atmosphere of Hakka farms in the early days.

    Painting Mobile Trains

    Back in the Japanese ruling period, Fugang Railroad Station was built to transport rice. Such a change brought economic prosperity to the region of Fugang, allowing it to flourish. Today, the bustling town of Fugang becomes one of the scenic spots along the way. This event will be themed with "train", and Naughty Play Studio, a studio fascinated by people and local environments, has been invited to reinvent local stories in a lively, interesting, colorful, and imaginative manner. Through creative interaction, families will be guided to see the beauty of Fugang from different perspectives.
  • Water Theatre

    Department of Folk Arts, National Taiwan College of Performance Arts and professional dancers

    Inspired by the development of Taoyuan, huge multimedia water projection, mechanical dynamic stage, diverse water vessels, stunts and dazzling light effects are combined to bring forth audience a touching musical realm on the water with sparkling wonders. The drama tells the most valuable natural heritage and cultural features of Taoyuan with metaphors of water, air and earth in a style of mythological narrative.

    Art Performance at the Square

    DancecologyThunar CircusTjimur Dance TheatreLO SIRONG & GOMOTEU

    Four outstanding local performance art groups of Taiwan are invited to put up shows at Fugang Sports Park in Yangmei, Taoyuan. Echoing the spirit of human-land relationship of land art, the performance space breaks free from the boundary of stage, blending in the environment with environmental dancing theatre, well-open stage and all forms of performances. The performing groups interact with the works of public art and the visitors on site as well. The four feasts of performance fuse ravishing feather clothing, captivating circus play, traditional indigenous culture and moving Hakka and Jazz music into one art festival in the afternoon of autumn.

    Hakka Art Performances

    Combined with local communities of Yangmei, Taoyuan, and themed with the community adjacent to Bogongang, "Hakka Dishes", dances and songs of Hakka culture shall be performed to share the rich Hakka culture in Taoyuan.

    International Parade Exchanges

    Showcases of the 13 districts' local features of Taoyuan, refreshing performances by the college students, and the demo presented by parade groups from Taiwan and Japan altogether create a grand parade of a thousand strong! Professional groups from Japan like Hyuga Hyottoko Danceteam and Kagawa Prefectural Takamatsu West High School Calligraphy Club as well as local groups of Taoyuan, Jin Hong Lion Dance, the Department of Dance of Tainan University of Technology, are invited specifically to exchange with each other while adding more variety and fun to the activity.On the first day of the Parade (September 22), the 13 Districts of Taoyuan shall join forces to bring forth traditional dances, folk parades, and special line dances full of local features in the form of competition. On the second day (September 23), about a dozen schools local in Taoyuan are selected to showcase young vitality through Jazz dance, cheerleading dance, and wind band with creativity, pouring young energy into the old town.

    Parade Teams | 

    Invited Teams: 

    Hyuga Hyottoko Danceteam
    Kagawa Prefectural Takamatsu West High School Calligraphy Club
    Tainan University of Technology, Department of Dance
    Jin Hong Lion Dance
    Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe

    Participating Teams:
    Yuanling Artistic Dance Company Taoyuan Departnment of Indigenous Affairs-Taoyuan Department of Indigenous Affairs
    Gouling Community Development Association- Zhongli Dist.
    A BA-MEI of Anpingzhen Village-Pingzhen Dist.
    Longtan Artistic Family Culture Group- Longtan Dist.
    Bogonggang Hakka Culture Association- Yangmei Dist.
    Reiyuan Community Development Association - Yangmei Dist.
    Art and Culture Association- Yangmei Dist.
    Community Health Development Association- Xinwu.Dist.
    Lanpu Community Development Association - Guanyin Dist.
    Xinpu Community Development Association - Taoyuan Dist.
    Guishan Military Dependents' Village Museum- Guishan Dist.
    Bailu - Zhuxiao Troupe- Bade Dist.
    Taiwanese Folk Parade of Sheou - Daxi Dist.
    Auspicious Lion and Flag Parade of Dayuan Community - Dayuan Dist.
    Marvelous Luzhu- Luzhu Dist.


    Participation Teams:
    Zhong Li Commercial Senior High School - Marchng Band
    Shin Shing High School - Jazz Dance Club
    Ching Hua High School - Ching Hou Lion Dance Club

    Paul Hsu Senior High School - Keloay a Kapah
    Taoyuan YUDA High School - Marching Band
    Taoyuan Municipal Zhong Li Home Economics and Commercial Senior High School - Comic Club
    Daxi Senior High School of Taoyuan City - Student Council
    Chi-Ying Senior High School - Performance Arts Section
    The Affiliated Tao-Yuan Agricultural & Industrial Senior High School of National Taipei University of Technology -Wing Band
    Nanya Institute of Technology- Department of Interior Design

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