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08 Sep
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【在藝術背後作品進行式...微型聆聽溫室】#打開五感體驗的藝術品 #聆聽與觀察


#藝術團隊 陳宣誠+陳羿君 × 共感地景創作  




Architecture is a discipline inseparable from the ecological environment. Landscapes often subtly reveal information that is not yet observed and conveyed. A lot of information in the eco-system communicates with each other in a way that is imperceptible to human bodies, including the connection between organism and architecture. This work aims to explore the ignored information in landscapes, such as geology, hydrology, vegetation and the texture of earth surface, to re-think of the connection and operation among architecture, vegetation and eco-system.



2020.9.18-10.4 桃園地景藝術節—構築城市​