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05 Sep
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【在藝術背後作品進行式...豫章之家】#網美秘境 #與大自然共存的竹藝術品
"House of Yuzhang" symbolizes the sense of belongingness condensed behind the "culture of water" as well as the happiness and blessing of living and working in peace and harmony."House of Yuzhang" features multi-layers of bamboo weaving and allows the sun and the moon to shed lights through the house alternatively in the day and night, filling the space with pouring lights and reflecting the call of historical memories and aesthetic perspectives linked with the general public by the expression of cohesions of visuality, emotions as well as time and space. Audiences can feel and exchange in the natural realm and such encounters, like sparking shadows dancing in the light, arouse unlimited sweet memories cherished in the heart of each individual.
2020.9.18-10.4 桃園地景藝術節—構築城市