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01 Jul
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Collaborative Landscape Artwork #Longtan Edition | JHOUYU HSIEH X Shanglin Community Development Association, Longtan

Do you know about the unique species, "Strobilanthes lanyuensis," in Taoyuan? Artist JHOUYU HSIEH, together with the Shanglin Community Development Association in Longtan, is leading an effort to raise awareness about this endangered plant species, once abundant in Taoyuan's ponds but now on the verge of extinction.
Starting from the primary colors of the Strobilanthes lanyuensis, pink and yellow, local residents personally mix and create imagined colors, then cut and apply pink translucent film to mimic the reflection of water ripples. Additionally, the event will showcase the existing aquatic plants unique to Taoyuan, such as Taiwan Water-plantain, aquatic plants of the family Alismataceae, and the more commonly seen plants of the family Nelumbonaceae. It leaves people curious about how they will be presented in Longtan's large pond.
Through this artistic collaboration, people will rediscover the significance of Strobilanthes lanyuensis in Taoyuan and witness the efforts of the local community to protect their native ecosystem. It is hoped that such artistic endeavors will inspire greater public attention towards environmental conservation and the preservation of these precious natural resources.