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20 Mar
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#Online Events 〔Follow the footstep of plant ecology along Nankan River〕、〔Time travel to Taolin Railway〕


【Taoyuan Land Art Online Events!】

Follow the footstep of plant ecology along Nankan River – online psychological test
Seeds, plants, and flowers all have their own “personalities.” This online psychological test incorporates common plants and seeds found along the Nankan River to raise the public’s awareness of and interest in the plant ecology along the Nankan River, prompting them to pay attention to the land they live in. Concurrently, the public's online psychological test results are used to recommend them the suitable land art festival activities and community works for them to participate in and see, respectively.

Time travel to Taolin Railway – LINE puzzle solving game
LINE BOT was used to create online puzzles that allow people who wish to participate in the online exhibition to learn about, through games, the history of the Taolin Railway and Nankan River as well as various landscape artworks and community stories.