Hutoushan Park

  • Hutoushan Park
    The Hutoushan Park is located on the Third Section of Chengkung Road along the Nankan River in suburban Taoyuan. A large number of local residents like to exercise here every day, let alone the masses visiting the park during holidays, including those from Guishan, Bade, Zhongli, Taoyuan, and Luzhu. The park has been expanded from 15 to 720 hectares as a designated scenic site, incorporating two major leisure systems of Hutoushan and Maple Pit as well as three hiking tracks and making Hutoushan an important urban park in northern Taiwan.

    The Hutoushan Park is located near the Taoyuan downtown. With its height, the park reserves rich greenness for the urban landscape and is thus acclaimed as the "backyard of Taoyuan." Multiple footpaths are designed in the park and distinguished by the code of colors. In addition, another seven circular hiking tracks are set up for tourists to appreciate the complete landscapes in Hutoushan, including the Scenic Health Track, Cherry Blossom Track, Forest Experience Track, Sun Pavilion Track, Plum Blossom Track, Ecological Tour Track, and Martyr's Shrine Track. Furthermore, a high-rise foot path is built not only to protect the original environment for native flora and fauna but also provide a comfortable experience for hikers of all age groups.
  • 1. In compliance with epidemic prevention regulations, please wear a mask at all times.
    2. For this outdoor activity, please bring all your needed items such as drinking water, sunscreen, and rain gear.