19 Mar

2021+ Taoyuan Land Art Festival Art Forum

2021+ Taoyuan Land Art Festival Art Forum


Participating artists of the 2021+ Taoyuan Land Art Festival are invited to share their art creations by delving into the aspects of local culture, history, and people's living environments. The objective of the forum is to connect the natural environments, human culture, and “emotions” of Taoyuan together, guiding festival visitors to explore the past while contemplating about future land art possibilities.

Location:The Hutoushan Innovation Hub: Multifunctional Hall

3/19 (Sat.) 14:00-17:00
First session

Topic: Creating an Urban Oasis through Art(Part 1)

Second session
Topic: Creating an Urban Oasis through Art(Part 2)

3/20 (Sun.) 13:30-17:00
Third session
Topic: Viewing Urban Landscapes via the Concept of Art

Fourth session
Topic: The Natural Experiences of Art co-Creation
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