Scooping water with the hands is one of human beings' instincts. Closing or folding hands together to form a vessel for holding water and then use it for drinking, cleaning or irrigation… If water is deemed as the source of life, the action of scooping water with the hands then become an inevitable ritual. We drink for life, wash for cleanness, and irrigate crops for harvesting… Water links human being with the land, while human connections further create all kinds of beautiful cultures. With scooping water as the main image, this product features a pair of hands scooping water from the pond, resembling human beings bringing water to the land as if it were the gift of the Mother Nature. The water nurtures all creatures, including ourselves, to allow life continues endlessly, and thus we all become a part of water and the land.

Material:Makino bamboo

Dimensions:L5m x W5m x H2.5m

  24.951992, 121.188374

LAU Tiat-An

臺灣 Taiwan

LAU Tiat-An was born at Tainan's Liuying in 1982 to parents from Tainan's Dongshan.

A trip to Lanyu several years ago initiated his journey into learning the Austronesian cultures. Ever since then, he has been dedicated to searching for his roots as well as learning the languages and crafts. As a result, he gets acquainted with natural materials and weaving arts and is now devoted to learning the Siraya language, the craft of bamboo and rattan weaving, and culture studies. He is currently engaged in the research and teaching of natural materials and weaving arts, and aims to pursue development in architecture in the future, particularly the use and development of bamboo structure and traditional wisdom, to ponder how to make human beings and land connected even closer.