Shuanglian Community Hall

Shuanglian Community Hall

Pounamu Bamboo Design & Construction led by Myanmar civil engineer SOE Win-Zaw is invited to take part in this year's Land Art Festival and presents a work adopted from the Nature, "Shuanglian Community Hall."
The civil engineer superbly combines traditional mortising craft and unique flexure of bamboo material, and also uses modern preservative technology to extend the life of bamboo buildings. In addition to substantial geometric lines in the bamboo buildings, " Shuanglian Community Hall" also illustrates the characteristics of Myanmar people making the most use of materials and meanwhile showcases the concepts of sustainable architecture and environmentally friendly communities. With bamboo materials produced locally in Taiwan, this work subtly integrates the style from both Taiwan and Myanmar.

Material:Bamboo, Steel, Wire, Concrete base

Dimensions:L12m x W6m x H3.8m

  24.956641, 121.183507

SOE Win-Zaw

緬甸 Myanmar

Pounamu was founded in 2016 with an aim to build various public spaces for the communities in Myanmar with bamboo, the poor constructing material, which features such characteristics as low cost and convenience without the use of heavy machines. The founder, SOE Win-Zaw, and New Zealand architect Richard Morris began with sponsoring a bamboo forest and employed 25 people from the local community, more than half of which were women. They took the advantage of their own talents in architecture in the hope of bringing economic and environmental effects to the poverty-stricken rural community. In 2019, they were awarded the Asia Pacific Housing Forum Awards.