Sedimentary Layer / Palm Avenue

Sedimentary Layer / Palm Avenue

Along a footpath near the Shi-men Canal, there neatly line up two rows of palm trees on both sides of the path. Landscapes with palm trees in Taiwan actually originate from the western tradition to imitate colonnades in Greek architecture – an interesting cultural implant with organic tropical plants as the medium to achieve the effect of inorganic marble colonnades….

Thus palm trees become a metaphor for the inclusiveness of diverse cultures as well as the changeability after the integration of eastern and western traditions. Along with the time, such changes have been fixated to form another tradition as in the geological sedimentation where the rock stratum is formulated in accordance with the time. Likewise, cultures and arts also create layers after layers of sediment with the latest on the utmost top, bringing more possibilities.

Material:Aluminum wire, Mixed materials


  24.950264, 121.187702

辛綺 x 艸非火
Xin Qi x Fake Fire

臺灣 Taiwan

Xin Qi’s works incorporate eastern gouache, mixed medium and installations with avant-garde creative methods that are full of force of impact, demonstrating her ideas about the essence of arts. Drawing inspiration from her daily routines and life experience, she uses her works to explore the public nature of human beings. Her creative process gets hold such commonality and then turn it into creations that can be experienced by viewers, that is, an evolving process of contemporary practice of art works with live. 

Fake Fire was co-founded by artist Xin Qi, curator Chen Chun-chung and other art enthusiasts in 2016. They hold that in addition to expressing themselves, artists also need to think their positions in the history of art and the overall society of human beings and that creation is a bridge while curation needs to connect fiction with reality as well as past and present.