Rainbow Rain

Rainbow Rain

After the rain is over, a clear and boundless sky shows up. The versicolor rainbow after a heavy rain looks as if it has gone through all the vicissitudes of life. Behind the perfection, it is often the results of backwash of all the things that we have been through.

Material:Acrylic paint, Spray paint

Dimensions:Dimension variable

  24.987829,121.182277 x 24.988485,121.182799


臺灣 Taiwan

The artist started with graffiti art in 2007 and later with English calligraphy in 2011. At first, he practiced by imitating Gothic typography and eventually contacted a number of local and foreign calligraphy artists, from whom he learned to apply calligraphy onto his graffiti and art. In 2015, he was invited to join the international artistic team "Calligraffiti" as its ambassador. His works mainly express his emotions and sometimes his attitudes toward life. The concept of his design is to make characters abstract first and then to combine them with realistic styles.