Our Time

Our Time

Curators known for combining arts with the ecological engineering methods both from Taiwan and abroad as well as teams of aboriginal artists are invited to participate in this project. By vertically aggregating and arranging collected logs of different sizes and then horizontally connecting the giant trees surrounding what used to be a military dependents’ housing area, this project creates a space in the underneath and neighborhood of trees with historical significance based on the concepts of these curators and aboriginal artists as well as through their practice of joint artistic creation. This is a space where visitors can either stay or lie down to look upon the sky through the foliage to appreciate the beauty of nature and life in our time.

Material:Wood, Metal

Dimensions:Dimension variable

 24.956661, 121.183989
手ING工班 |
林建享 X 阿利 X 依苓 X
依雷斯 X 咖勇 X 班努 X
桑恩 X 阿翔 X C.LIU


臺灣 Taiwan 


Jian-Xiang – Photographer, director, playwright, independent film producer, and curator, who loves to move, collect and live on the island 

A-Li – Artist of Paiwan tribe from Taimali, Taitung, who seeks for endless dialogue between primitive wilderness and modern art 

Yi-Ling&ILis – Artist of Paiwan tribe from Timur, Pingtung, whose works always praise the nature 

Caryong – Sculptor and wandering artist of Puyuma tribe from Katratripulr, Taitung, with forests and ocean as his paradise 

Istands – Artist of Puyuma tribe from Katratripulr, Taitung, whose body resembles rhythms and who completes a work as if completing a song 

Sann – Artist of Paiwan tribe 

Wei-Xiang – Carpenter from Tamsui, who explores everything from wood to iron with all means of making and whose ultimate dream is to make everything for art 

c.liu – Future architect in Tainan, whose expertise is taking care of structural gravity and equations