Monologue of prime number changes

Monologue of prime number changes

The external design features square geometrical bodies, which create variations from different angles and form a substantial tea house of an organic type. Bamboo material and semi-craft skills are employed to build a style that incorporates with the nature. With the concept of a tree house, the tea houses are built high on the bamboo structures. The interesting and elegant sense of leisure is conveyed in a pure and bold manner, which makes the tea houses a space for relaxation.

Material:Bamboo, Iron

Dimensions:L6.5m x W2.4m x H3m

  24.968767, 121.193239

CHANG Shou-Tuan

臺灣 Taiwan


BA, MFA from the Crafts & Design Department of National Taiwan University of Arts 1982 to the present Design Director, Jyu Han Design Ltd 2010 to 2016 Adjunct Lecturer, Department of Interior Design, Nanya Institute of Technology 2010 to the present Adjunct Lecturer, Crafts & Design Department, National Taiwan University of Arts 2010 to the present Lecturer in Design Project, Teachers' Training Course, Transboundary Handicraft Creation Association 2010 to the present Examiner of technicians' skill evaluation, Skill Evaluation Center of Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor Certified technician in bamboo weaving, Ministry of Labor