Mobile Bamboo Exhibition Pavilion

Mobile Bamboo Exhibition Pavilion

Bamboo is hollow in the middle and with knots, making it both light and tough and therefore an excellent earthquake-resistant structural material, suitable for making flexible and foldable structural systems. Bamboo-made mobile exhibition pavilions demonstrate bamboo's flexibility and innovative potentiality. This work showcases two folding structures: the tube-shape bamboo is used for fencing space, while the umbrella-shape provides shelters. Bamboo, which people in Taiwan should have been familiar with yet so strange to, has superb carbon fixation capability. Through diversified applications of bamboo, it is hoped that people will better understand this sustainable material and be inspired to make better use of bamboo in modern life so that the old impressions will be overturned and that new applications of this home-produced material will be created.

Material:Phyllostachys edulis (Moso bamboo), Steel joint, Canvas

Dimensions:L12m x W12m x H5.5m

  24.967796, 121.193841

原型結構工程顧問有限公司|陳冠帆 x 吳鈺嫻
A.S studio Engineering Consultant | 

CHEN Kuan-Fan x WU Yu-Xian

臺灣 Taiwan

A.S studio is a structural consultant company focusing on buildings' structures. It is established with an aim to integrate the connections between buildings and structures. Therefore, A.S studio = Architecture + Structure. AS also implies "to do, to practice, and to become," and makes the straight line of A and the curving line of S to be intertwined into a new concept of structure. We believe that all structural systems existing in the Nature can be justifiable -- the "prototype." The goal of A.S studio is not only to design structures based on structural principles and structural prototypes, but also to make structure integrated with the space in the architecture, to make space, environment and structure united into wholeness, and to make aesthetics and engineering integrated with each other.