Breeze of Tea House

Breeze of Tea House

This creation features the image of continuously blowing breeze and uses the Mobius Strip to create an endless circle.
Arrays of bamboos tied with black hemp-like ropes along the Mobius Strip stretch out and support the round iron circle made with the center point of each bamboo.
Entering this space from an open field outside, visitors can either walk around or stay in the space circled by bamboos as if entering an illusional status where they forget the time and space and forever stay in the days of sun and breeze.

Material:Steel, Makino Bamboo

Dimensions:L9.5m x W8.3m x H3.5m

  24.967022, 121.193485

ZEIN Divooe

臺灣 Taiwan

Divooe Zein, founder and artistic director of the design team Divooe Zein Architects, was born in Taiwan in 193 and was in Palau islands, where he studied in the international school SDA. In 2003, he founded Divooe Zein Architects in Taipei and started the journey and field studies back and forth in between Bali islands in Indonesia and Taiwan since then. In 2014, he further established Siu Siu– Lab of Primitive Senses in Taipei and started teaching in Department Of Architecture of Shih Chien University, Taiwan.