Visions of Taoyuan






Inheriting and Seeking
Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: L3.5XH2.5m

The riverside has long been a bustling area since the ancient time. Along with the development in the neighborhood, the new looks of the city gradually take shapes. The installation projects the future of the city full of high-rises and skyscrapers.


Material: Mirror stainless steel
Dimensions: L2.8XH2.8m

With the feature of the reflecting mirrors, this work showcases the setting sun scattering golden lights on the vast land, symbolizing the favor of the Nature and the eternal commitment to the land.

Material: Local stone material
Dimensions: L1.9✕H1.8m

Built with local stone materials, this work responds to the renovation of the Nankan River and the changes of the city. The changes of the city's looks are based on its original environment. Through the brand new techniques, the new looks of the city emerge in front of the public.

Material: H-shaped steel
Dimensions: L1.7✕H2.5m

With the H-shaped steel commonly used on the railway platforms, this work employs the old railway tracks and contemporary images to revoke the memories of unique sounds of the Taoyuan-Linkou Railway.

Material: Earth
Dimensions: L2.1✕H2.9m

This work interprets the land with "earth." Through the installation, we can see the profile of the faraway city as well as the vegetable farm nearby, highlighting the diversity of the features of the city as well as their co-existence.

Material: Railway sleepers
Dimensions: L1.6✕H2.5m

This work is created with railway sleepers, the fundamental material for traditional railway tracks, symbolizing how we treasure the "cornerstone of the city." Through the frame, we can see the present and past of the Taoyuan-Linkou Railway and then look on to its future.

Material: Straws
Dimensions: L2✕H2.2m

The tranquility of natural green shades nearby and the clamors of the city faraway both respond to people's different imagination of home as a haven. With straw as the material, which represents nesting for settling down, this work echoes the image of Taoyuan as a livable city.

Material: Acrylic
Dimensions: L1.2✕H2.4m

The Nankan River, which runs day and night, has accompanied the development of the city. Through the installation, we can see the renovated river, faraway green shades, and high-rises in towns – a prospect of a future suitable for both living and business.


Iuan-Hau Chiang

臺灣 Taiwan

畢業於法國里昂國立藝術學院 (Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Lyon) 取得DNSEP國家最高造型藝術表達文憑 (碩士文憑)

2022年   臺灣國際光影藝術節« 舞光弄影»

2020年   桃園市立美術館&荷蘭烏特勒茲中央美術館 影像交流展« 視窗之外»開幕啟動演出

               個展 «光景 / SCENES»

2019年   參與 « 聲動:光與音的詩» 聯展

2018年   桃園地景藝術節

              桃園農業博覽會地景藝術專區 « 夏禾風 » 

              法國里昂音樂現場藝術節 (Le FestivalMusiques en Scene)