With the old community of military dependents’ housing as the background, this work begins with the small desires of three children to insinuate the phenomena of people from different walks in Taiwan’s contemporary society being easily manipulated. Influenced by the bandwagon effect, people are likely to believe, imitate and even spread what they have heard without thinking, and thus become objects of manipulation. These events converge to form a driving force that shakes the foundation of the society, leading demoralization and evils fleeing hither and thither in the society. With the tension of exaggeration, this work aims to remind visitors of the importance of reflecting upon their own subjectivity to avoid blindly following others.

Material:Animation, Installation

Dimensions:Dimension variable

  24.988106, 121.182849

WANG Fu-Sheng

臺灣 Taiwan

WANG Fu-Sheng was born and grew up in Taoyuan. He graduated from the Department of Fine Arts of Taipei National University of the Arts with printmaking as his major and animation as minor. He is also a graduate student in the Animation School of Beijing Film Academy.