Since 2013, the Taoyuan Land Art Festival has begun to break through the barriers of arts with the concept of a wall-less art gallery to enhance the affinity and interaction between people and arts. From 2020 till now, the whole world has been enveloped in the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing us to see from a different perspective the relations and distance between mankind and the environment, between mankind and the Nature, as well as among human beings. Meanwhile, the development of science and technology effectively helps resolve technical and space restriction. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, the 2021 Taoyuan Land Art Festival was postponed to 2022 and thus a "plus" was added to its title, aiming to endow Taoyuan with the courage to face the unknown challenges while holding this event.
The Land Art Festival and European Capital of Culture (ECC) share a common concept and strategy of mobility, that is, waking up the local awareness by means of the characteristic of "mobility." The Land Art Festival grown out of the soil of Taoyuan is held at a different location each year, aiming to transform spaces, upgrade public infrastructure, vitalize communities, and refresh our understandings of each location in Taoyuan. This year's event takes place at the urban area of the Taoyuan District. With a theme of "Urban Oasis" and a soul-searching attitude, this year's event focuses on the respect toward the balance of natural ecology and its appropriate beauty. By taking arts as the basis and using science and technology, this year's art works will lead us to feel the nature in the urban area.
This year's exhibition zones include the Hutoushan Innovation Hub, the riverbanks of the Nankan River, the abandoned Taolin Railway, and Hutoushan Park, covering the areas where urban development started the earliest and featuring Taoyuan's urban characteristics, such as the integration of the new and old, diversified cultures, and migration of ethnic groups. Standing at the newly built urban landscapes now, we can see the texture and depth of landscapes along the timeline and look back upon the development backwards from a city of science and technology, an industrial and commercial society, an agricultural age, even to the archaeological site unearthed in the Hutoushan Mountain that can be dated back to 4,000 years ago.
Landscapes are not only the appearance of the environment but also the sum of mankind and the environment. Woods, rivers, birds, insects, fish, shellfish, and the remains of abandoned railways are simultaneously the background as well as creative elements for this year's art works. They are the history and at the same time the present. Diversified and multi-dimensional artistic creations, public participation, and all kinds of exhibitions and events are interwoven with local ecology and aesthetics of humanity. Through the glimpses of urbanities, we're able to feel the existence of the essence of oases. The aesthetic quality of the landscape in the festival will eventually improve the living environment along the riverbanks and the green fields, thus improving the landscapes of a livable and happy city.
Art works enable us to refresh our understanding of the localities and to gaze upon the Nature with a different perspective: Taoyuan, a livable oasis that nomads are looking for.


Date:11th Mar. (Fri)-27th Mar. (Sun)

Time: Taolin RailwayHutoushan ParkHutoushan Innovation Hub 10:00-18:00
Nankan River: 10:00-20:00





1. In compliance with epidemic prevention regulations, please wear a mask and practice social distancing.
2. Please follow the instructions when using related interactive devices and do not touch non-interactive exhibition items, thank you for your cooperation.